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Dutch IFBB Pro bodybuilder Juliette Bergmann won the lightweight class and the overall at 2001 Ms. Olympia. She was crowned Ms. Olympia at the age of 42, and this win has solidified her position as one of the best female bodybuilders ever. In this unique interview, she expresses her feelings for the direction bodybuilding has headed since Cory Everson days, and outlines what makes a bodybuilder truly great.

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
November 2007

* Juliette, how are you?

Juliette Bergmann: I guess you like to know what I'm doing at the moment. Well at the moment I live and work in Thailand were we build boats for export. I still train 3 times a week and 4 times a week cardio like biking in the mountains or speed walking. I also have my home and Gym in the Netherlands but spend most of my time in Thailand, for now.

* In 2001, you've shocked the world by winning the Ms. Olympia after 12 years off. How it feels to win the premier women's bodybuilding title?

Juliette Bergmann: It feels complete, I already won all the major titles in Bodybuilding and now with the Ms. Olympia title I won every major title in the IFBB.

* What motivated you to be the best? How did you motivate yourself to get into the shape required to win this contest?

Juliette Bergmann: I always look about the same the past 20 years, only a little more muscle, this is the way I like to look and also the right look to win this title. My motivation is just to look good and to stay in decent shape.

* What have been the milestones and challenges in your glorious bodybuilding career?

Juliette Bergmann: The milestones of course winning the am. European and World titles, the Pro World titles woman and couples (with Tony Pearson) and the Ms. Olympia titles. My challenge I my age, I like to keep this body in this shape as long as possible.

* In your view, how has bodybuilding changed over the past 20 years?

Juliette Bergmann: The woman train longer so they become more muscular and this will continue. I look at Figure as Bodybuilding 20 years ago, also these girls become more muscular the longer they train. To be honest not much is changed only the extra divisions which is only a matter of time before they are as far as mowoman's Bodybuilding is today.

* What is the quickest way to build muscle in your experience?

Juliette Bergmann: The quickest way is first: you need talent
Second: a good regular heavy duty training schedule
Third: a good diet high in protein and moderate in fat and carbs.

* What is your view on supplementation?

Juliette Bergmann: Of course I tried in the past different supplements but I stick to a good diet which will give me enough protein to build muscle. The past 20 years I only use as supplementation a good multivitamin, high dose of Vit. C and green tea capsules. When it comes to steroids, I cannot say that I never used because I failed the drug test in 1988 but it does work and 1988 was for me, my best ever shape and look.

* For many years you've been on the other side of the stage, as a bodybuilding judge. Is it easy for you Juliette to decide who is the best competitor in terms of bodybuilding physique? What do you look for in a winning female bodybuilder?

Juliette Bergmann: Symmetry and proportion in combination with enough muscle mass, density, condition and a feminine look.

* What do you think about the recent Olympia results?

Juliette Bergmann: I think that Iris Kyle, from a bodybuilding point of view is the best woman bodybuilder I have ever known. My preference for a Ms. Olympia is a different look but this is up to the judges and whatever they decide, I agree, because that is why you have judges.

* Obviously you receive a lot of compliments for your fresh and young look. Is bodybuilding the formula that stops the aging process? How do you see your body in comparison to other women's bodies?

Juliette Bergmann: Definitely Bodybuilding is for me the formula and not to long in the sun and never get to overweight. Compared to younger women my body can be compared with women in there twenties only with muscle. My skin is flawless, tight, no loose skin, no acne, wrinkles and cellulite.

* What was the longest vacation you have ever taken from training?

Juliette Bergmann: The longest time I could not train: 3 weeks, after an operation.

* What is the bodybuilding scene like in Holland?

Juliette Bergmann: Getting better, for years it was very down but it is getting better now.

* Describe a typical day in the life of Juliette Bergmann.

Juliette Bergmann: I get up, eat, sit in the office, lunch, office again, cardio, office again, go to the gym, eat and have a drink somewhere.

* What does your daughter Roxanne think about bodybuilding?

Juliette Bergmann: She is very proud of me but to lazy to workout regularly. I have here on a schedule now for at least 2 times per week training and do cardio because I like to prevent to have her be to fat because she will sorry this for the rest of her live.

* What is your view on the future of bodybuilding?

Juliette Bergmann: Nothing will change, extra divisions or not. For me figure is also Bodybuilding we train with weights, diet, cardio etc. We do all the same thing only on a different level.


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Juliette Bergmann

Juliette Bergmann