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Miss Figure Olympia, one of the most honorable titles in the fitness industry, belongs to Jenny Lynn. A week after she won the famous competition, Jenny described me her feelings there on stage, and what training routine and diet program she used.

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
October 2006

* Jenny, have you got used to the title of Miss Figure Olympia?

Jenny Lynn: I certainly like the way it sounds but no I have to admit it's all very surreal and I find myself looking at pictures to prove to myself it wasn't a dream!

* How did you feel standing before the judges and audience in Vegas as you were crowned?

Jenny Lynn: Unbelievable really!!! There are not words to express how thrilled I was to finally reach this goal, it felt amazing!

* Winning such a prestigious award as Miss Figure Olympia is probably the climax of a long journey. Looking back to the past, what were the significant milestones in your career?

Jenny Lynn: A long journey indeed! I've competed in 26 contests of the last 7 years. And having placed 3rd at the Olympia in 2003 and 2nd the last two years made finally winning this year that much sweeter. Milestones are definitely having won the Figure International 2003-2005 and of course this years Figure Olympia.

* What pre-contest diet and training program did you use to win the recent Figure Olympia show?

Jenny Lynn: I eat 5-6 small meals throughout the day consisting of low glycemic carbs like oatmeal and sweet potatoes, lots of green vegetables and lean proteins like chicken breast, egg whites, whit fish and turkey. Yes, this sounds very familiar, I know! No real shock there.
I weight train a 4 days on/1 day off cycle. Quads/Back/Glutes and Hams/Shoulders/day off. Repeat. I train Abs every other day. I do an hour and a half up to 2 and a half hours of cardio daily while I prep for contests. I do every possible form of cardio there is I think. Track workouts, indoor machines, run outside, spinning classes? you name it!!

* How do you expect your life and career to be different now, after your tremendous achievement?

Jenny Lynn: I don't think anything will be too different for me. I have always been a very busy person, it's inherent in my personality. So, I will continue to work as a personal trainer, working with my online clients across the world and offering seminars to aspiring fitness and figure athletes.

* What motivates you?

Jenny Lynn: Myself mostly...I like the challenge of continuing to make improvements in my physique from show to show. You can never control what anyone else does but you can most certainly control what you look like on stage. I focus on that, visualize what I want to look like and bust my butt to make it happen!

* In addition to being the world's best figure competitor, you are also a fitness model and a personal trainer. Fitness and Figure stars who have been training with you had a blast on stage, and were placed very high. What does it take to be a good trainer?

Jenny Lynn: I love training other competitors to compete! I've learned a lot over these past 7 years, both good and bad, and share these tips with my clients which helps them present their best physiques on stage. I am passionate about my clients and what I do and that to me, is the most important quality in a trainer.

* What do you think about the publics awareness of health and fitness? If you could change a few of the publics conceptions/customs, what would they be?

Jenny Lynn: In general I do think that health and fitness is certainly better than it was 20-30 years ago when seeing a woman in the gym training with weights was an oddity. Of course, there is room for improvement. Ideally, I'd like to see health and fitness presented to kids at an earlier age. I always encourage my clients to bring their children to watch them workout so they can see that exercise is a normal daily activity to leading a healthy and happy life.

* I've read you're going to launch plenty of products soon. Please tell us about them.

Jenny Lynn: Fortunately, at about 6 weeks out from the Figure Olympia I filmed a DVD chronicling everything I did in preparation for this show. The DVD, which is in production currently will be for sale through my website in December. The DVD includes weight training workouts, food preparation, daily activities, track workouts and even has footage from a photo shoot I did right before the Olympia. Also, I also do a lot of work with online clients via my website: I work with competitors all over the world in preparation for various contests in addition to men and women just hoping to get in their best shape possible for everyday life.
And, I created a Posing Manual that helps women fine tune their posing techniques for the stage. Also, I most recently created a new line of Jenny Lynn Fitness apparel with fun, figure-oriented sayings that are really cute.
And finally, I'm in the process to organizing a Figure Camp that I'll be holding in Spring of 2007 to teach fellow aspiring figure competitors how to present their best physique on stage! So, no question....I'll be very busy during my "time off"!

* Jenny, what do you do for fun?

Jenny Lynn: Fun?! Hmmmm... truly with contest prep consuming most of my time in addition to tons of traveling I don't get too much free time for fun. But on the rare occasion that I do; I like to read, go wine tasting (I live in California, very close to the Napa Valley), go shopping, cook, watch movies. spend time with my boyfriend, Blair and our families and friends.

* Will Miss Figure Olympia 2007 be Jenny Lynn?

Jenny Lynn: I certainly cannot make any predictions but I will spend the next 11 months training to give it my very best shot!

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