The suit is one of your most elemental accessories. When the time comes to step out on stage it is important to have a suit that catches the light and makes you shine like a star. A posing suit can make or break you on stage.
You have a few ways on getting a suit: Buy a new custom suit made just for you, purchase a used suit, rent a suit, buy a simple suit and add stones, or (the least preferable choice) make your own suit and decorate it with stones.

Types of Suits

One piece suits, two piece suits, fitness routine outfits.


Most suits are made of velvet or lycra, covered with authentic Swarovski or Preciosa crystals.


The fit of the suit needs to be the primary concern, so be prepared to try on several in as many different colors as you can, and allow time for this. Make sure you pick a high quality posing suit that will enhance the chiseled physique you will build.

It is best to pick a suit that is pleasing to the eye, matches your skin tone, hair color and body type. Also, donít go for anything too crazy, since loud or unusual colors may distract from your physique and focus judges' attention on your posing suit instead. The classic colors of blue, red and black always work well.
According to this interesting study, red is a winning color.


Suits are priced anywhere from $200 to $1,000, and these typically need to be ordered 10-12 weeks ahead your competition date.

5'' inch Clear Platform with ankle strap

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