Female Bodybuilders

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Debi Laszewski - The #3 ranked professional Bodybuilder in the world.
Selma Labat
Laura Carolan
Michelle Brent
Roxanne Edwards
Amanda Aivaliotis
Jeannie Paparone
Elena Seiple
Monica Martin
Kathy Rowland
Nasim Shamlou-Juhola
Mirella Cotella
Natalia Batova
Laura Sutton
Dawn Alison
Jayne Stark
Tracy Argo
Wendy Watson
Emery Miller
Isabella Feijo
Denise Faith
Tana McGowan
Brigita Brezovac
Janet Esterkes
Ashlee Alfred
Janelle Arigo
Tara Ebejer
Melanie Redington
Lyn O'Neal
Kim Perez
Cathy LeFrancois
When I say there are role models in the bodybuilding industry, you are about to read on one right here. Cathy LeFrancois won the lightweight class at the 2003 Ms. International, and went on to win the NY Pro on May 10, 2008. Look for her again on stage at the Ms. Olympia in Vegas in Sept 2008.
Tina Chandler
Nikki Fuller
Anne Freitas
Jennifer Scarpetta
Klaudia Larson
Nicole Ball
Monica Martin
Without question, when the word Bodybuilding is mentioned, Monica Martin's name is not too far behind. A world's famous professional bodybuilder, South American Champion, Monica is well known for wearing unique outfits during her routines and her sensuality gathers more and more fans to her webcam.
Colette Nelson
Colette Nelson is a top IFBB professional bodybuilder, registered dieititian and web designer. Colette was born in Southfield, Michigan and raised in Royal Oak, Michigan. She studied Dietetics at Michigan State University, and after her graduation she moved to New York. Colette has been weight training for 15 years and took the 2004 bodybuilding World Championships by storm.
Christy Resendes - A National Level Bodybuilder in the NPC bodybuilding organization and a certified regional judge for the NPC organization.

Brenda Raganot
IFBB Pro bodybuilder Brenda Raganot is a master of the supreme art of sculpturing physique through dieting and training. Brenda, with her full muscles, symmetry and looks, won the 5th place in the recent prestigious Arnold Classic. This unique interview provides an insight into the life of one the gifted athletes in the bodybuilding industry, and explores how she sustains bodybuilding efforts with admirable stamina for more than 20 years.
Amanda Aivaliotis - Canadian Bodybuilder
Nathalie Falk - German Bodybuilder
Wanda Moore
Wanda Moore doesn't let her age get in the way of pumping iron. With a body that provokes looks from everybody and transcends the limits of time, Wanda won the 2007 JR. Nationals. She plans to get her pro card in the near future.
Beverly Direnzo
NPC National Level Bodybuilder. Fueling her muscles for the Nationals in Dallas.
Sylvia Duque
Laurie Poole
Jaime Filer
Aurelia Grozajova - Pro Bodybuilder from Slovakia.
Lada Plihalova - Czech Physique Competitor, Bodybuilder, Bench Presser
Oana Hreapca - Romanian Bodybuilding and Powerlifting champion.
Anita Hess
German bodybuilder.
Susanne Niederhauser - Professional IFBB female bodybuilder from Wels, Austria.
Kira Neuman - A bodybuilding sensation: The 2007 NPC Teen & Collegiate National champion.

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