Burn Calories

Author: Gina Aliotti - IFBB Figure Professional / for Models Observer
June 2006

* A. Calorie Intake - Women

1. Recommended number of meals per day?

6-7 meals per day.

2. Spaces between each meal?

Every 2 -3 hours (3 being the max).

3. Meals contents - what do you recommend eating and drinking in the meals?

Depending on one's goals, i.e. building or burning, most meals should consist of protein and fibrous complex carbohydrates and tons of veggies. Each meal should be accompanied by lots of water.

Calories vary depending on your workout goals but vary from 150 calories to about 300 calories per meal.

4. What foods and drinks should they avoid, and why?

To keep it simple, I recommend staying away from any white foods including sugar! Sodas and sugary drinks are also a big NO NO.

* B. Training - Women

1. What kind of activity is most efficient for losing fats and building a solid body?

Losing fats and building a solid body takes a combination of weight training with a fair amount of cardiovascular activity.

What should be its frequency?

I recommend weight training 4-5 times a week with cardio 5-7 depending on ones goals.

2. Differences between aerobics, spinning and the gym.

Aerobics and spinning are both group classes that can be great for burning calories and getting your hear rate up. The gym is great for building dense muscle, which will inevitably increase your metabolism and therefore help you burn fat.

3. Shaping the abdomen - what are the recommended instruments and exercises?

This tends to be every woman's favorite question and main concern. Shaping the abdomen comes from burning the fat that lies on the surface! I recommend doing abdomen work 2-3 times a week and focusing more on the diet to shape the abdomen.

4. Shaping the arms:

Basic dumbbell exercises have been successful for me and what I think are most effective for arm work.

5. Shaping the butt:

I recommend straight leg dead lifts, butt blaster, cable kickbacks and making sure to focus on squeezing with each exercise. It is all about the burn!

6. Shaping the legs:

I like to do light weights with high reps for legs. Sprint work and track workouts with complex movements also help shape the legs.

7. Recommended space/rest between the meal and the training.

I like to wait at least 45 minutes before working out, after a meal but I eat immediately following my workout.

C. Myths and Reality

What common myths/wrong assumptions about shaping the body you've noticed so far?

Gina Aliotti: People tend to focus their attention on cardio, cardio, cardio, for loosing fat. People are afraid to lift weights, thinking they are going to put on too much muscle and get "too big". This is a complete myth because the more muscle you have the more fat you will burn and the more calories are burned throughout the day. Also people tend to think that depriving themselves of food will help them loose weight when in reality, our bodies are like furnaces and we need to keep feeding it "coals" -- i.e. food -- to keep it burning!

* D. Men

Any recommendations for men who wish to build massive muscle mass.

Gina Aliotti: Men tend to want to put on massive muscle mass fast. They have always been told that they need to train heavy and eat massive amount of calories. This is true, in a sense, but the key is to train hard and heavy and feed the body good calories, i.e. complex carbs, lean proteins and dark leafy greens!! Calories are essential component in putting on muscle mass but the key is to increase the amount of calories slowly and with the right type of foods! Another key factor is Patience! It takes time to sculpt the body and increase its muscle mass. The key is to stick to a solid program and give it time to see the results.


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