Bikini Competitors

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Elizabeth Granger
April Morales
Leah Gosselin
Natasha Lord
Hayley Tompkins
Aubrey Sturgell
Kayla Baird
Shannon Bear
Karen Marino
Dayna Demarco
Rainey Newman
Kasey Lebel
Jamie-Lee Glazer
Casei Malone
Lisa Allen
Jacqueline Lomax
Wendy Anaya
Trenese Dennise
Kristy Fugate
Soraya Proude
Taylor Sova
Stacy Alexandra
Kaelyn Feistel
Tiffany Van Dongen
Patricia Raposo
Courtney Lillich
Crystal Leigh
Kimberly Berry
Dominique Scott
Wynne Melchor
AnnMarie Colburn
Gisselle Zapata
Jenna Chittum
Jaimi Plumb
Cheyenne Coleman
Caroline Biddle
Kea Earley
Emily Bedell
Ronda Hossfeld
Alessia Facchin
Helen Fritsch
Kathy Seitz
Carlie Cadrecha
Leidys Pinzon
Kate Tower
Romy de Rijke
Lisa Pulley
Helena Gustafsson
Ashley Miranda-Boulay
Katerina Sobalova
Simonne Paarman
Janina Berkeley
Lily Dillon
Sydona Tregoning
Cassidy Harris
Greta Razey
Bunny Siv
Haley Neal
Chris Wolfe
Brittany Noelle
Brooke Butterworth
Katelyn Farmer
Chantal Williams
Jasmine Arnal
Andrea Wallace
Erika Canela
Erin Juarez
Cindy Hauser
KatLynne Matusak
Jeana Biagi Stritter
Hannah Cappiello
Elli Sigala
Debra Coutts
Jamie Rotman
Jessica Liu
Connie Moulton
Destiny Stephens
Jenny Chadima
Theresa McCollom
Sandra Yoo
Nicoleta Biciianu
Zivile Rickeviciute
Lindsay Cappotelli
Nora Reynoso
Claire Fielding
Melissa Lancaster
Felecia Golden-Jones
Virginia Ricci
Wendy Concannon
Brooke Davis
Jamie Lyn
Stephanie Kornet
Teresa Demmings
Joy Langendam
Kati Latorovszki
Alexis Burger
Victoria Tignor
Jade Elder
Tina Dunne
Ashley Miranda-Boulay
Noemi Nyeki
Charlotte Wussow
Kat Bartlett
Kalene Beeman
Laura Simola
Ashley York
Jade Joselyn
Daniela Duncan
Lia Templeman
Belinda Winsor
Kellee Cameron
Laura Schmid
Danielle Lipski
Coreen Meiring
Chelsea Feilberg
Carolina Joaquinez
Charmaine Rademeyer
Katie Boyer
Babette Mulford
Kate Winter
Genevieve Fernandes
Jacqueline Lomax
Shirley Mitrou
Gill Holm
Alessandra Castaldo
Zamira Powers
Zoe Kahn
Alexandra Wejner
Randi Holloway
Kaitlin Holt
Jessica Ambeau

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Laticia Jackson - IFBB Fitness Pro
Yenny Polanco - IFBB Fitness Pro
Babette Mulford - IFBB Fitness Pro
Jessica Grudzinski - WBFF Fitness Pro

Kim Klein
New Jersey's Kim Klein, a former gymnastics star, began competing in fitness competitions in 1996. By 1997 she won her first competition, Mid-Atlantic Fitness and by 1998 was the New Jersey State Fitness champion. After two years off to finish her college education, she produced a stunning comeback and became the 2002 NPC USA Fitness champion, earning her pro card.

Susan Groshek
Susan Gorshek is an IFBB Fitness Pro and spreads her fitness enthusiasm through personal training. Originally from Dearborn MI, she moved to TX about 5 years ago. Her energy on stage is astonishing and she captures the audience with an extremely fit body and great fitness routines. In this interview Susan describes me how much dedication to exercise and nutrition it takes to excel as a professional fitness competitor.

Oksana Grishina
The countdown to the 2008 Arnold Classic has already started, and I had a meeting with IFBB Pro Fitness competitor Oksana Grishina. Oksana won the 2006 Fitness World Championship, and she is one of the most successful and beautiful fitness athletes of all time. I asked her about her impressive fitness routine as well as how she turned into a fitness icon.

Dena Weiner
She has a body that most of us could only hallucinate about at the age of 45, a body that most thirty-somethings would kill for.
Dena Weiner has traversed the fitness world to become a successful fitness competitor and participated consecutively in nearly 80 fitness competitions (!).

Brooke Lynne

Kimberley Capocchi

Sharon Polsky

Mayann Adriano

Amy Huber - Pro Fitness competitor.
"I like to use a lot of free weights. Free weights allow your core to strengthen too. You can do jumps, push ups, lunges, anything you would like with free weights. My training routine consists of lifting each body part one time per week and training my routines 3 times a week. I do cardio every morning for about 20 - 30 minutes"...

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