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Zoe: I deiced to compete last year when I hit a motivational wall. I had been regularly exercising for four plus years, but I felt I needed to take my training into something larger. I have always been passionate about training and nutrition since I grew up in a home where a healthy life style change saved my mother from an aggressive type of lupus. I actually enjoy pushing myself physically, and have been known around the gym for always training hard. So, I figured that the dedication required for training for an event would inspire me. So, I sign-up for one of the largest regional amateur shows in the nation which was my first show, the 2014 Emerald Cup.

Diet: First of all I am vegetarian which makes things more interesting. I’m a fan on the IYFM structure of dieting since it allows for balance and makes sense to me.

Off-Season I let my self indulge more, but I still like to keep it “clean”. Meaning I avoid fast-foods, sugars, excessive processed starches, fried things, and any foods that make me feel sluggish and fatigued. I don’t measure my foods off season as much, and mostly just keep an eye on protein intake to keep it at 1-1.5 x my BW. My carbs and fats increase while my protein stays at moderate levels usually. I do this to help me build muscle for my next season I find that for me to add weight I have to eat between 2,500-2,900 calories I am a strong ectomorph. Overall, the main goals of my off season is to let my body rest, repair, and build in a healthy manner.

Pre-contest my diet changes each year, but I stick to the same structure of 40/40/20 carbs, proteins, fats with a slight calorie deficient. This year I stick to about 4-6 meals per day and have about 2000 calories per day. On refeed days (1-2xweekly) I have about 2,500-3,500 depending on how depleted my muscle bellies have become during my strict days. During this time I have no table sugar or alcohol on my strict days. I also drink a gallon of water per day. By keeping my protein (195 grams per day) and water levels high I find that I can build muscle and loss fat without becoming overly weak ( which ruins my training intensity) or skinny fat looking ( an ectomorph problem).

Failed diet: My first diet was terrible. I was hungry all the time, mentally unstable due to it, and almost all of my muscle definition atrophied. What made this approach ineffective was that I was dieting far below my body’s resting metabolic rate by dieting at 1,600 calories per day while training for 12 hours per week at a high intensity. That’s when I decided to go beyond the cookie-cutter approach and start creating my own diets using lane norton’s principles.

Supplements: I take a 30-60 gram whey protein shake immediately after every work-out. I drink BBCA’s during my lifts. I often have a quest bar in the afternoons to stave off hunger. I also take fish oil and a multi vitamin each morning. These basics show the best and quickest results for me because they help me maintain muscle and maintain energy levels. Everything else I try to get from whole-food sources.

Training: I usually train weights 5-6 days per a week at 45-90 minutes. I make sure to hit all muscle groups 2-3 days per week at minimum. Each week I try to hit each group with a heavy strength day and then a lighter “breakdown” day where I super-set, drop-set, burn-out, focus on power training, ect. My split is often, Mon: Heavy legs, Tues: burn-out legs/hamstrings W: Heavy upper body, Th: burn-out upper body, Fri: active recovery , Sat: full body power circuits. I also include cardiovascular work 3-4 days per week at 20-60 minutes (the sorter end is HITT days the longer end is on days where I do cardio intervals between each of my weight training sets.)

Stage experience: During my last contest the night before I almost cried due to my water and carb manipulation going astray and leaving me with a bloated tummy. That morning I woke-up fine and ready to go. I remember when I came onto to stage at pre-judging I had the feeling it was my time to win. The judges kept an eye on me, and the crowd went crazy when I did my presentation wave. That night when my name was called out as first. I almost cried. When she handed me my crown and trophy while she said “congratulations” I hyper ventilated. I didn’t know how much it mean to me until it happened. I’ve worked very hard in the past year to get to this point. It felt amazing to have that work rewarded. The overall felt like a dream and was a blast! It really helped my confidence as well to know that I have the ability to win.

I am excited for the future! I am graduating from UWB’s psychology program this summer. I plan to compete in the E-Cup on May 9th. After that I may go out to Nationals july 23rd to try for my pro-card since I’m qualified for the second year in a row. I also am launching my own LLC called Body By Zoe LLC.
I have a Facebook page, website www.bodybyzoellc.com as well as e-mail director@bodybodyzoe.com and bodybyzoe@facebook.com. I offer personal training services in a private studio in issaquah as well as online personal training and nutritional coaching services with fully custom plans. I am looking into expanding my modeling work and hope to go into sports or lingered modeling in the near future. Please contact me with any questions or interest for training/modeling.

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Zoe Feuerstein

Zoe Feuerstein