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2 years ago I've started my journey. I was doing home exercise and totally changed my nutrition to only healthy food. Step by step I got stronger and decided to go to gym. Basically I changed my whole lifestyle. I loved what I was doing and that made me happy and stronger keeping fit and eating healthy food. I started to see results which pushed me work harder and see what else I can do with my body. After a while I've noticed my body made some changes and it shown me more muscles and less body fat on me. My goal was keeping fit and get better body proportions. Bikini fitness always fascinated me, but I thought my proportions aren't good enough to compete until I decided to get online coaching and nutrition plan.

I started work with PT's from Lithuania and they pushed me to compete. They recommended me to join Showgirlfitness team. I thought that will be a good opportunity to gain more skills so I signed up to the team and chose Karina Skowronska as my coach. It was such a good choice and my coach became my inspiration to work harder on my goal and get my body ready to step on the stage.

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I liked to keep my meal recipes simple to save some time as I am a mum and full time worker. Always chose fresh meats and tried to eat various vegetables to get all possible nutrients and keep my body healthy. I've followed everything my coach has advised me to do and always trusted her so the prep and all process has been easier with her help and huge support!

My typical diet changes according to my goals and how close I am to a show is...
Meal 1
Oats, whey or egg whites and berries
Meal 2
Chicken breast, Vegetables and rice
Meal 3
Chicken breast, vegetables and rice
Meal 4
Fresh salmon, vegetable, peanut butter
Meal 5
Greek yoghurt
Post workout I have a whey protein shake and oats
Whey protein
Multi vit
Fish oil

I haven't tried any different diet and prep plan for competition. It was my first prep plan and very effective to get the body lean and be ready for the stage. I had weekly check-ins with my coach and she knew where we need to work more or less to improve.

Few months ago I asked my coach for 1-2-1 posing sessions and a few workshop sessions it helped me a lot to improve my posing routine and feel confident so rest of the time I practiced at home and at gyms studio. Also stretching was very important to help find poses that suit my body shape.

I am coached by Showgirl fitness, I do weight training 5-6 days a week and daily cardio as well. My sets, rep range and training systems are always changing. It depends on my goals.
Here is my typical training split Day 1 Legs
Day 2 Shoulders arms
Day 3 Hamstrings
Day 4 Back and chest
Day 5 Glutes
Day 6 Shoulders

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I always do the training sessions after work. I work till 6pm then quick change to my sports wear and go to the gym for 2 hours. After had to do stretching and posing session. So last 12 weeks were very busy. But I knew I am doing it to get my dream come true and haven't looked back!

I couldn't wait to step on the stage and show my presentation. I earned my PRO card at a first and second shows and competed at a PRO show where all girls looked incredible. I showed my best package and I've placed 1st in my category.

I wish I could knew that all hard work that Iíve went through with training and dieting towards my first comp prep will end in just few moments after stepping on stage. I guess what Iím trying to say that I wished that it lasted longer, but the feeling you get after stepping on stage for the few short minutes, makes you forget about the struggles leading towards the show day. I can honestly say that Iíve enjoyed every second being on stage! For me, it was like a dream came true!

The other thing that was quite surprising for me, that everybody on a backstage were so friendly. I would have never imagined that all the girls can be so positive and friendly towards each other. Deep in my minds I've had this image, like itís time for a competition and everybody wants to win so people will probably be rude and nasty to each other but I was wrong. Loved all the compliments from people that I didnít even know though.

And the last thing which I would like to add up to this is, that I would have never thought that it could be so addictive. At first I thought Iíll just step on stage, see how itís like and that will be it. But the minute I was on it, I knew that is not the last time I am here and it won't be enough too. It made me have that butterfly feeling in my stomach like I was fall in love for a first time. Truly, it is an amazing experience to step on stage, especially if itís something that youíve being dreaming about for a long time. I just can't wait to do that again and then it will be another journey, for making me better than I was yesterday. This is the second best thing that ever happened after my daughterís birth.

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My future plans are to compete again of course, see how far I can go. Show off season improvements and bring better package on stage. It was just beginning of my journey. I've proved to myself that I can do it and I've done it. So everyone can do that as well. All they need is bit more self confidence. Also I want to start study PT courses. In a nearly future I'm planning to start work with people who want to make some changes to their community and life. I want help them reach their goals make the dreams come true and see passion and courage in their eyes. No matter what I will make them feel proud of themselves.

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