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Yenny: I started to compete in 2005 in the Figure division, and I won and earned my Pro status in the WNBF Bodybuilding Federation. From then I began to compete in every other major fitness organization. I also challenged myself to developed other athletic skills, including tumbling, jump rope tricks, introverted fitness moves, balancing acts, and more, and also to work on my flexibility, endurance and physical stamina. It was quite the challenge.

Diet off-season vs. pre-contest: The only difference is that I'd eat more of the good food off season! I wouldn't cut back on fat or calories, since off season is for gaining muscle weight, resting a bit, and doing less cardio. During contest training you are still eating every 3 hours, but the diet is much cleaner/leaner, and the training much more intense since you start adding conditioning to the training, and working on your athletic skills, and fitness skills if you're a fitness competitor. What you eat can really make you or break you!

Fitness Athlete Yenny Polanco performs her routine at the Fitness Atlantic.

I've always been lean. I've worked very hard at gaining muscle, so I've had to lift very hard over the years and eat a lot in order to have achieve my competition look, and the look I've maintained for so long. My diet is just a well balance diet…period! I don't follow any particular diet. Our ancestors didn't have access to computers, or nutrition books (my family certainly didn't…), yet they intuitively knew what to eat in order to be healthy and lean. I eat the right proportions of protein, fats, carbs and veggies (veggies are considered free foods, so I eat plenty of them. I thank them for keeping my skin youthful, and keeping my belly happy :-)

I’ve never had a competition diet plan that wasn't effective. I was blessed to have met the right people early on when I first started competing. I was already very fit and lean. So I just needed to eat more of the right foods, and lift harder!

As a life-long Natural Athlete and Competitor I stick with natural supplements such as amino acids products, which regulate sugar levels, and burn food for fuel such as L-Carnitine, CLA, and Chromium Piccolinate. Also Cinnamon capsules are great for people who are trying to lose weight naturally. As for me I usually need to gain weight, not lose it.

Training: Well I am no longer training for competition. I gave that up to do bigger things. I am now producing and starring in my own line of workout DVDS! I do light upper body dumbbell lifts, and still try to go strong with my legs…..I do jump roping, a lot of bodyweight exercises and boxing to stay in shape. The look I am going for is an athletic, feminine, lean, toned, well sculpted look. I feel healthy and fit.

Balancing training with diet comes easy because the word “diet” to me means eating healthy and tasty well balance meals! Once you associate the word diet as a good thing then you'll no longer view it as a bad thing in your life! Exercise and nutrition go together like a tango in order for it to work!

Future plans: My first ever Yenny Fitness Challenge is coming on April 18th, 2015!!!! Full details will be up on my web site shortly. Also my second workout DVD, SWEAT THE WEIGHT OFF, should be up on in a few days. It will also be available on my website in a week or so.
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