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Background: Since it's a long story, see my story in this link. The only I'm missing there is that before I joint in the military and came to US I was a RN BSN Nurse in PR as well; specialized in pediatric intensive care. Also after my last competition (Jr. USAs) I went deployed and recently had my second child. With only 4 months postpartum I'm back on training with currently 14.6% body fat, abs and ready to start prepping for next year competitions.

Diet: Normally, competitors take the off-season to build muscle/bulk, but that's not my case. I take the off-season to recover my metabolism after the calorie deficit and low carb during the cut. I've been blessed in easily build muscle, they grow even without trying. That's actually one of my struggles, the judges are constantly telling me that my size is in the border line of my category and it's better if I downsize.

Yarelis Ramos Perez

To build muscle you have to increase your calories at least 500 over your calories intake to mantain, keeping carbs the highest macronutrient in the diet. In my case since the goal is not build muscle, I only slowly increase my calories and carbs to maintain. Now for cutting the diet that best works for me it's carb cycling; 3 days low and 1 high. 8-7 weeks out to the show meal plan help me bring a better package than flexible diet. Sometimes Im allow to do a cheat meal, depends in how my body is responding. Plus all year on prep and off-season I track my macros.

Keeping my carbs higher than my proteins doesn't work for me. Just like I'm good to build muscle and I'm the opposite to get rid of body fat, the only way my body starts burning fat is if my carbs consumption is low. Keto diet is not for me. Zero carbs make me feel angry with lack of focus, plus the excess of fat affect my digestion.

On prep: 7 days a week I workout. 6 days of lifting; including super sets, high reps, circuits, high impact. Cardio every single day. Depending in my body fat %, time and frequency will be increased. Sometimes I got two sections in a day; morning and afternoon. My cardio is always fasted am steady or/and HITT post workout. Pre and post workout will always have carbs and protein. Usually post workout I will include a simple carb to spike insulin levels. BCAA and glutamine post workout. CLA, pre workout, L Carnitine pre workout.

After all the hard work and dedication, you start seeing the progress you had made (physically and mentally). You look in the mirror and you just feel so proud that you want to share it with the world, you want to motivate others to feel and look like you. In my case other moms.

In my last and first National Show all the competitors were looking great and honestly that is intimidating but the environment, motivation and the connection is so good that all that feeling goes away. Once I step on stage can't hear or see anything, it's just me in the moment shinny. I've been blessed to always be in the top 2, probably because I give my all. Fitness and bodybuilding is my passion and put my heart into...

Life as an athlete: At the beginning with the low carb diet I was having a really hard time to control my emotions. I was always fighting with my husband, friends and family. It wasn't until they made me realized that I needed to do something. That is one of the reason I'm doing carb cycling now, haha. It's difficult to balance your life, especially when you are on prep, army active, duty, wife and mother of 2 sons. I wake up at 4am, take my kids to day care, do Army PT, gym right after, work, take my lunch break to workout again, leave work at 5pm, get my kids, go home to cook for the familiy and prep everything for the next day. During the weekend I don't go out because I have to clean and do meal prep for the week and start all over again. Sounds stressful but I love it, keep my mind busy, with a purpose.

I was planning to travel to PR next year for some shootings, interviews etc... pending but unfortunately due to Hurricane Maria everything is on hold. The plan now is get ready for competitions next year and win that Pro card waiting for me.

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