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My journey began around 10 years ago. I walked into a gym with my Mom expecting to sign up and walk on the treadmill. I ended up signing up with a personal trainer. I remember thinking how hard it was, how sore I would be the next day and how unhealthy I must have been without even knowing it! After two years of training with him and working out myself I ventured off on my own. Having learned everything about form, writing my own workouts and my own ability I just went for it. I knew probably 2 years ago that I really wanted to compete. At the time I was 40 years old and going through a divorce. I researched local coaches and met with one. After speaking to her and learning about the expense and being unsure of where my life was going to go (due to the divorce) I put it on hold.

I contacted her again 12/07/2016 and said Iím ready. At this point, what was holding me backÖI wanted the challenge! The time will never be perfect and I could always come up with an excuse as to why I canít do it. I sent my first photos and started training/prep on 12/20/2016 with a goal of my first show being 03/11/17 in California. Four weeks into my prep my coach said ďYou need to enter the show February 11 here in Vegas. You will definitely be ready.Ē SHOCKED! But hey, a bigger challenge, right? I said letís do it and I did. I ended up taking home 1st place in Masters 35+, 1st place in Masters 40+ and 2nd place in Open Novice after only 7 weeks of prep.

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As far as diet changes, this was my first and only competition so far. I intend on competing in April. Iím still sort of learning what works best for my body as far as meals. Recently Iíve had digestive issues so Iím trying to sort that out with different foods and see what works. Generally I eat pretty healthy and clean while allowing myself to also enjoy a dinner out or a treat type snack so my normal eating habits werenít much different than how I normally eat. That was a huge plus! There was no shock factor or inability to stay on track with my diet. Typically on and off prep I eat chicken, white fish, egg whites and ground turkey for my proteins (I donít eat red meat and havenít for about 12 years). Oats, which I could eat buckets full as I just love them, and brown rice for my carbs along with veggies. Some of my favorites are broccoli and green beans as they have high thermogenic (fat burning) properties and asparagus.

I wasnít given any cheat meals while on prep, BUT thatís not to say I didnít do it. I know pretty well now what my body needs and sometimes if I was dragging or just felt a bit lethargic I would have a glass of red wine, nachos, a candy bar and wake up even leaner the next day and feel fantastic! The trick to all of this is just learning what works best for YOUÖ everyone is different and itís okay to start out with a cookie cutter ďdietĒ, but really pay attention to how your body reacts to your intake.

As Iíve only done one competition so far (February 11, 2017), I can only base this off of my prep for that competition. Iíve learned which foods donít fair well with my digestion that I had been eating. Things such as sweet potatoes and tomatoes. Consistency and monitoring your how you feel is HUGE and probably the best advice I can give. Foods are different for everyone. Some work off of a meal plan and some do IIFYM (If It Fits Your Macros). Trying different things and weeding certain foods out when you notice bloating or something to that affect. Like I said before, I did notice that for me, I needed a cheat meal of snack a couple times a week. My body reacts very well and for me it boosts my metabolism.

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I generally lift 5 days a week off season and 6 days a week during prep with cardio 7 days a week, alternating body parts and working my glutes and legs out 3 times a week as they are my weakest point. With some plyos thrown in there also. I like to change up my exercises and workouts, so as long as I maintain hitting all my muscles each week thereís not set schedule. As competition got closer I was doing fasted cardio at 4:00am, then off to work 8-5p, then the gym again for weights, home and then back to the gym for cardio again. This really fueled my hunger! I couldnít eat enough. To balance my meals with my training I would prep all of my food on Sundays. I knew what I wanted to eat before and after workouts, so if I couldnít lift weights until later for some reason I would swap some meals around. This way I wouldnít miss out on any of my calories, but also feed my muscles with the right foods at the right time.

Iím not shy by nature and especially as Iíve gotten older. I looked at this asÖ Iím putting in all of this work, Iím just going to walk up on that stage and give all I can. I wasnít nervous at all until I started walking up the steps onto the stage. This was it. I just took a deep breath, told myselfÖ Youíve got this and went for it. I think the really bright lights are the most intimidating. Really, you just have to look at it as you want this, youíve worked hard for itÖ donít back out now!

Competition experience: Pure excitement! I didnít feel anything else on competition day until those steps to the stage. I remember thinking at the athlete check-in meetingÖ This is really happening, youíre finally doing it! Goal killed! Listening to them speak and eager to get my number, surreal, #18. Back stage I was fine, comfortable, everyone was nice. Then pre-judging hit! I was stuffing half a rice cake in my mouth thinking I had a good 30 minutes or so before I was going on stage and then I heard them call ďMasters 40+ line up!Ē WHAT!!!

I lined up trying to swallow that darn rice cake with no water (I had maybe ľ cup of water so far that day), my lips sticking to my dry teeth. I just had to roll with it! I got to the top of the stairs and remember telling Robert (he was directing us) that I just got nervous. He sweetly said, you look beautiful, you will be alright. Just go out there and enjoy it! Given that I was in 3 groups back to back I was in Roberts face over and over within minutes. I told him we were going to become best friends, he laughed and said, we already are! That helped ease my nerves. I was center stage for all three of my categories. They told us in the athletes meeting not to count on winning if you are center stage. It definitely does not always mean you won.

Once pre-judging was over it was time to relax. Reflect on what you just did. Then it was time for finals. This was it! I was beyond excited to find out where I placed and knowing that I would be happy regardless. I went out for my first category Masters 40+, finished posing and lined up. They placed out the trophies and started calling names. Me? No. Now? No. There were two of us left and they called the other name. WHAT! I was so excited. Time for category 2, Masters 35+. Same thing, there were two of us left and they called her name then saidÖ ďAnd again, 1st place Wendy Hammer.Ē I swear, I was just in shock and everything goes so fast compared to all of the time you put into your training and prep that I just walked to my trophy and not really feeling those emotions. Then the 3rd category, Open Novice. I have to say this is my most proud win even though I placed 2nd. The reason being is, Iím 42 years old, my first competition and open novice is anyone that has never competed before so I was up against 18 years old and up. That is a huge accomplishment to me to come in 2nd place.

After competition I had a big plate of nachos, a family size pack of Nutter Butters and a chocolate shake. Ha ha ha The next morning I was back at the gym. Iím currently prepping for the Jay Cutler Desert Classic in Las Vegas April 15th. So I am back on my training and prep schedule. After that I will be entering a nationals competition as I won my spot to enter one of those. Iím looking at the one in Pittsburgh in July. Iíd love to be sponsored, maybe do some fitness modeling. Weíll see what life brings me! I do have a few things Iíve been approached with and am considering.

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