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Wendy: I was a professional ballerina for 28 years and a gymnast as well, I also coached Olympic and world figure skaters their plyometrics training. I had been asked for many years if I was a body builder and had never really thought about doing anything with it. Then I was diagnosed with cancer and when I was back in the gym after chemo one day I was approached again and I started to think..."If they think I have potential now... what could I do when I get healthy?" So my journey began! I had the work ethic and the muscular endurance from my past athletic history. When I moved to Arizona, I was fortunate enough to find AZ Body Building with coach Ty Cane! Coach Ty took me on and never looked back, I feel fortunate to have found him.

Nutrition: With having the history of cancer my diet has certainly been the most challenging part of my training. My body does not respond quickly nor like the typical person. I have, through much trial and error, found now that the Keto diet is what my body seems to like the best. I have always craved fats when hungry so Coach Ty decided to go with my cravings to prep for the USA's and it worked so well that he kept me on it since. So my off season is the same with just higher amounts of proteins and an extra meal each day. For the next prep we will cut back some and the thinking is that my body will respond to the caloric deficit and not have any major shock... I also plan to keep within a 5-6 lb range of competition weight to stay on track.

I have tried carb cycling, carb and fat cycling, and probably most other diet plans out there. I personally believe that although, YES, you need to fuel your workouts, each of us has a different reaction to things in our body and there is not a one size fits all protocol. Those diets that were not for me - some of them worked ok for a month or two, but then I would plateau again and seemed to not be able to make great gains. I still believe those are fantastic plans but just not for my body. With the Keto plan I follow the refeed part as well to replace my carbs/sugars for 1 meal 1 time a week. Closer to show time I drop the refeed days until the last week and then I start to put those carbs back in. It worked well for me so far, as my body has gotten healthier from coach Ty's expertise. I have seen him continue to monitor my progress and adjust accordingly. So who knows what may be next? I just know he will make it work no matter what!

I take the Beverly International for most of my supplements:
Meal 1 & 3 Multiple Enzyme
Meal 3 Super Pak (Multi Vitamin)
Meal 1 & 3 Lean Out
Meal 6 Joint Care
Post workout Muscle Provider (Whey Isolate).
I also take an Alpha Lipoic Acid Meal 1
Primrose and Fish oil at Meal 1 & 4
and recently we added in the Species Line of Carbolize for my Post workout
Species Fiberlize 2 times a day.

Training: I see Coach Ty Cane 3 times a week and my split with him is Back & Shoulders, Chest Bi & Tri, Full Leg Day. On my own I hit glutes and hamstrings 2 times a week, 45 min cardio 7 days a week and abs 4-5 days a week. I have a great amount of endurance and I respond well to heavier weight loads with higher reps. Time under tension is definitely for me. I train with Mind muscle connection and really squeeze the contractions.
I food prep at least 2 times a week sometimes more. I ALWAYS have a cooler of food with me and a bag of clothes for training! My fiance and I own a couple of juice bars inside of the gym and it's a little challenging even though I work inside the gym. It's not always giving me the chance to get in my workouts or eat. As the owner I'm never off work and on my feet for many hours every day. The rest time is so critical for improvement and I lack in that area greatly. Something I am working on for future shows is balancing my workouts, meals and rest time better.

I just returned from the USA National's in Las Vegas and this was my first National event! I'm honored to have qualified to be there! The level of competitors was incredible! This was a tremendous experience that will stay with me for ever. People were outstanding and very professional, workers and competitors alike. Placing 4th at my first national event was so incredible and I am very excited that I was able to compete at that level. Things were scheduled and on time. The commitment to the contestants was remarkable and Jon Lindsay's people made us all feel very comfortable. I thank them for that as a first time person there.

We returned on home on Sunday and I went right into training for next year on Monday morning. I plan to return to the USA's in July 2016 as well as Pittsburgh for the Master's National's since I placed in the top 5 to qualify for both. Coach Ty Cane at AZ Body Building has set forth a plan of action to bring me in tighter and bring out my upper body. He has always had my best interest in mind and I truly believe in Coach Ty and where he can bring me in this venue! I look forward to an even better version of me with Coach Ty at my side. I wish to bring to all whom may be interested a message that ANYTHING is possible with the right mindset, work ethic and guidance. Happy training to all and thank you for your interest.

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Wendy Graack

Wendy Graack