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It always amazed me to see what the human body is able to avhieve when it’s pushe to its limits. I admire athletes in different disciplines who push themselves to the edge to reach incredible heights in their sport. I have a huge respect for these individuals because not everyone has that level of discipline, focus, and determination - it says a lot about their character. Then I thought to myself, why not me? I wanted to see how far I can push myself and excel in my love for fitness.

“Take me to nationals” is what I asked my coach a year ago...here we are at an international @ifbb_elitepro show ?? what an amazing experience. ????????5th . . . Huge thanks @teamatlasmtl for helping me achieve my goals. It’s been a whirlwind experience since 08/17. 6?? shows to-date, I am now ready for offseason and focus on improvements in all areas of my life, including of course my physique for next year! . . . This last show prep was particularly hard mentally, emotionally but I pulled through and I am very happy with my placing in a very competitive line up of gorgeous ladies. . . . @davidfordfoto ?? @teamatlasmtl @bombshellblingbikinis ?? @angelinejeanson my posing @glamcompjewelry ?? @tanaholixns @weareshoefreaks @_tally_ ?? @ioanna155 @pouliotstephanie for handling my crazy hair ??

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Diet during off-contest vs pre-contest differ. Not so much on the food types but more on the breakdown of my macros. During a contest prep, no cheats are allowed food intake is reduced. Off-season allows for a bit more flexibility with an occasional cheat and increased levels of food to allow for growth.
Most effective to lose weight and build muscle: The paleo diet worked well for me back a few years ago (pre-contest) it still is very present in my current diet - however the ratios (macros) are more precise.

Failed diet: Trying to cut carbs completely - is the one type of diet I have attempted in my early training years and found it to fail as the body requires those to build. I have also tried various detox diet, and those too fail because they are not sustainable in the long run.

The combination of lifting weights, cardio work best for me. I find cardio more challenging but it's a necessary evil and it must be incorporated so I learn to embrace it at every session. I plan and prepare all my meals so that they are handy when I need to feed anywhere I am.

Confidence came with time for me, as I started transforming my body to meet my initial goals, I became more confident every day to do something outside of my comfort zone and achieve that dream of showcasing my physique on stage. My coach also believed in me and provided with support and encouragement every step of the way.

It’s almost showtime! This morning makeup and mini photo shoot with @_tally_ ?? love this girl! @ioanna155 thanks for my lovely locks ?? And my beautiful suit colour reveal from the talented ?? @bombshellblingbikinis ???? I mean no words ... no words. I am so honoured to be your sponsored athlete ?? your attention to detail and work quality is on point every time! ?? . And you guys, thank you for your kind words guys ?? . @teamatlasmtl @bombshellblingbikinis @_tally_ @ioanna155 . #ifbbproelite #ifbbbikinipro #fitover40 #liveyourpassion #makeup #bodybuilding #girlswholift #fitlifestyle #irongirl #gymrat #goals??

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Recent show experience: When I was handed my IFBB Pro card July 15 2018 is definitely up there for me this year. When it was handed to me, I thought to myself wow, I did this, I have achieved my goal this year and surpassed it too. I am proud of this, I feel privileged and very grateful in many aspects.

Being an athlete affects my life in a way where my day is planned according to what I need to do in order to complete my workouts. Because that is very important to me it needs to be done and scheduled. I work around these to also get everything else completed (work, family, friends etc.)

Future plans: Definitely more contests, but for now my body needs to recover from the 6 shows I just completed back to back in the span of 4 months! I am contemplating and thinking of the opportunities and remain open to new ventures!

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Email: anayawendy@gmail.com

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