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Hello everyone, my name is Virginia and I am an Italian girl of 24 years. In these lines I want to tell you a little bit of my world and how I approached the world of fitness. From an early age I have always been a very sporty girl, starting first with the volleyball and then with swimming. At age 18 I joined the gym for the first time with my mother, devoting myself to well-being. Shortly after, unfortunately a bad accident happened due to negligence in the gym, made me stop training for a year.

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After a little time, however, I met my current boyfriend Matt, another fitness enthusiast and personal trainer. With him slowly I started to train it from there I have not stopped. But it is only since last summer that something in me clicked, a different search, a desire for bigger and ambitious emotions, I decided to try to compete.

Together we decided to start this path and together we turned to the best trainers in the field. I started a targeted training with diet and exercise from August of this year to get competitive and prepared to the very important event of the Night of Champions Verona. The thrill of my first race and tension of those moments is imprinted in my heart. I have ranked fifth on 9-trained athletes, qualified so for the Italian championships.

Last week I addressed the Seccarecci Classic Rome, unfortunately didn't place among the top six, but it's part of the game. I started my preparation for performing a cutting period of about two months and then switched to a reverse diet - increasing from week to week the amount of carbohydrates, from about 200g to 440g current day, in an attempt to change the body composition and change your metabolism.

My preparation has been structured in 4 weekly multi frequency training - training a muscle group several times a week without doing cardio. I am currently scheduled to compete in the last event of the season, the Ludus Maximum in Rome (December 11).

I met by chance this world and I immediately loved it, I loved the feeling and the same fears. I am proud of what I did because I did it with joy in heart and the commitment to reach a good result.
The road to improvement is never ending, but I have the determination and the desire to continue and get to have satisfaction. I thank those who have read my story hoping that it was a source of motivation for those who want to approach this difficult but wonderful world.

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My contact Facebook is Nina Virgy and Instagram nina_virgy.

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