Victoria Tignor - Fitness Competitor

My fitness journey started as a New Year's resolution and now has become my lifestyle. I actually originally started training for a powerlifting competition, where I placed 3rd, switched over to figure bodybuilding, where I placed 2nd, and now I am looking to compete in amateur fitness model category in WBFF in the future.

Diet: Off season I do more of IIFYM (if it fits your macros) dieting and keep a consistent supply of carbs to have plenty of energy to build my body. When I prepped for my last show I was more strict in my foods, not to where I cut out food groups, but I did carb cycling. When I was testing what ways I could diet to lower my body fat, I tried keto diet and it was the WORST thing I ever tried for me! I was so grouchy, moody, and never had energy to do anything. For me, personally, I think my body thrives best with carbs implemented at certain times during my diet, thus why carb cycling worked amazingly for me, versus cutting them out completely. Some people do great in a keto diet, but my body metabolizes and utilizes carbs very well and needs some to keep going.

Training: Honestly, it depends on my goals at the time. When I was hardcore bulking I kept my weight training heavy and slow, with little to no cardio. As I prepped for my show I mostly manipulated my macros and calories so I wouldn't have to be in the gym as much, but with my workouts I started super-setting exercises, adding HIIT in between sets, and in the final stages I started adding in LISS cardio to continue fat loss.

I am currently slowly losing some muscle, mainly in my arms, by reducing arm training and heavy weights on them and doing my cardio (mostly LISS fasted cardio) and cardio based workouts (super setting and circuits). So far, I've went down from 151lbs (was planning to compete in physique category) to now 133lbs in the past year, which most of it was muscle purposely lost.

On stage:

Well, I used to do some pageants when I was younger, so I already had a taste for the stage. I did a couple photo shoots prior to competing to get more comfortable in my body and posing along with practicing in front of friends in an auditorium onstage.

Competing is one of the most exciting and exhausting things you could ever do to yourself. The day before competition you check-in and it takes a bit because there are a lot of people there. The next day, wake up super early and do a little cardio to sweat out a little more water and get going for the day then head straight to the place of competition to finishing adding tanner, oil, etc.

With weighing-in to rushing around backstage, the nerves haven't set in until you're staring at the curtains that separates you from the stage and crowd.

Pre-judging actually goes quickly and is a blur, but finals drags on forever because you just want to know how well you did and what the judges want you to work on for the next competition.

After the competition, feelings set in on how you could've done things differently (should've pumped up my shoulders more before stepping on stage, more tanner, needed to smile more, back pose needed to flare lats more, etc). But at the end of the day you look at this as a milestone and not many people will ever experience anything like it.

I'm hoping in the future I'll step back on stage in the amateur fitness model category for WBFF. I also want to continue my current fitness modeling and network around the world. Another goal is to train more people, maybe even start online training in the near future.

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