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Iím Victoria, a high school art teacher that fell in love with bodybuilding four years ago. I decided as a bucket list item to compete in a figure competition in 2014. It was a way to channel the negative energy of a bad marriage into a positive task, to rock the stage. However, during my first prep I experienced divorce, my son had major surgery on his eyes, and my daughter was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum disorder). All I had was my training to comfort me and it helped me work through everything. I remained focused and by doing so was able to positively take charge of my life as well as achieve the goal of becoming a competitor. I am now a nationally ranked Womenís Physique division competitor and my journey continues.

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My coach Lynn McKinnie from Team Fineassets guides both my off season and on season nutrition. My body responds to high protein/ low carb/ moderate fat while cutting. Off season is filled with lots of carbs. Keto diets don't work with me and cause my body to store more fat.

The training always changes depending on where Iím at in the process. During the off season, I try to lift as heavy as possible so I can build muscle. While cutting, it's about lighter weight and more reps to burn those striations into the muscle.

The best thing about competing for me doesnít even happen on stage. I meet the most amazing women from all over the country with inspiring stories behind the scenes typically while we wait during check in and before we hit the stage. My philosophy is that contest prep is hard enough, it is the judges that are judging us, and we shouldnít judge each other.

The highlight of 2016 was placing first at the NPC Los Angeles Championships in Culver City. I have never been first in my life at anything since I was never athletic before bodybuilding. This qualified me for the USAs bodybuilding championships (nationals) in Las Vegas, NV, which happened to be the following week. I never expected to stand on a national stage but I did it.

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My future plan is to compete this year at Masterís Nationals in 2017, for that elusive procard. However, this is my last year in the womenís physique division. I plan on having a long off-season 2-3 years in order to cross over into the Female Bodybuilding division. That is my ultimate vision.

The key to my success I think is that I never told myself I could not do it.

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