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Victoria: So my background in bodybuilding started in 2006 - I grew up figure skating and a mom at the rink was always bringing in her prepped meals and talking about her upcoming show. We went to support her and I had NOOO idea she has lost over 100lbs and was ever obese. Her being on stage was the most motivating sight and I wanted to do a show ASAP! So, I got linked up with her trainers and did my first Teen Figure show in June 2006. I took a little break after that summer but decided to get back into it last year.

My off season to prep is very different. I had to really bulk up going from Bikini to for 7 months I ate whatever I wanted. Sometimes did some mini cuts but usually kept calories around 3k and high carb in order to keep those strength gains coming... During prep, it's a complete 360...I don't need a lot of calories to function. My body is naturally very curvy and holds muscle well. I do some moderate carb cycling all prep and as the show gets closer and closer, calories and carbs decrease. I don't eat a lot of fats and I only do cheat meals when I am ahead of schedule.

I really haven't tried many different diet plans. I have had some interest in trying keto or IF but knowing my body, that probably is just my inner fat girl talking. I know my body functions on low fat and moderate carbs/protein, so I do what I know works.

The best supplement is cardio! I do an hour of cardio 5-6x a week with half HIIT and half steady state. But I also take Herbalife supplements as well as sell it and it's helped a ton with my progress. I take the whole Herbalife24 line as well as Prolessa Duo (natural fat burner) before bed.

I lift 5-6x a week - usually 6 but if I need to take a breather, I'll make it an active rest day and just hit up cardio. Usually my split goes Monday - Chest, Tuesday - Back, Wednesday - Shoulders, Thursday -Arms, Friday - Legs and Saturday, I do whatever isn't sore. If I take Thursday off from lifting, I'll move legs to Saturday and do arms Friday instead. I think diet and training go hand in I make sure to eat 6 meals a day ...meal 4 is an hour before lifting and I make sure to eat meal 5 immediately following.

I plan on competing in my Womens Physique debut on July 5th, 2014 as well as another show in August. After that, it's back to off season! I don't plan on letting myself get sloppy again but I do plan on gaining a ton of mass in the 6 months off that I plan on taking!

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Victoria Betolatti

Victoria Betolatti