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I was always the overweight or "thick" child growing up. I hit my max weight of 238lbs in my mid 20's and knew I needed a change. When I decided to start putting together some pieces that seemed to have fallen apart in life after a rough upbringing, challenging divorce after having twins, & being a multigenerational domestic abuse survivor. I NEEDED THIS FOR ME.

I fell in love with working out and living a healthier lifestyle that I decided to make it a career as a NASM Certified Personal Trainer/ Wellness Coach / Sports Nutritionist to help others put together their life's pieces & find that love for themselves as I had found by becoming a GOALCHASER.

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I took my personal fitness goals to another level, a challenging, exciting goal yet as a Figure & Womenís Physique bodybuilding competitor. This was to me like the next chapter in my fitness journey that started 10years ago. I realize in my quest to better myself that I also inspire others as well and wanted to continue doing that. Showing people whatís possible when you fight for it. Transforming peopleís struggles into their greatest strength! Thatís why I started my own Personal Training & Nutrition business in 2014 called PrettyBeastMode Fitness & Nutrition. A judgment-free place focused on showing people a healthier way of life through fitness and nutrition. Being an agent of change for others as I call it Ė by being an encouraging force in the community, & providing an environment were everyone could get a little uncomfortable in order to grow. Here at PBM Fitness & Nutrition I do not only help people develop a healthier lifestyle, but I believe in making a POSITIVE IMPACT in the community. This positive impact is made through seeing what needs are in the communities surrounding, shelters & school, as well as, partnering with other small businesses to give back year round!

Competing, just like any other goal one may have, means a lot to me as a next step in my personal development because I heard so many times in my life from childhood to current how I couldnít accomplish something. This is one more example of having the right mindset, determination, and consistency ANYONE can be successful in life at whatever his or her goals are. I love to show people that IMpossible only means I AM POSSIBLE. Being an athlete effected my whole life because it show me personally this once overweight, insecure, depressed young woman's dream became a reality... transforming me in this now confident, fit mom of twins, community builder, & business owner is addicted to bettering the lives of others and herself through fitness and nutrition.

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In the off season my caloric intake is higher so that I can get the muscle development needed to bring in a better physique on stage. When I start pre-contest preparation I generally cycle my macronutrients up until the last 4 weeks out from a show where my caloric intake drops so that I can start to bring in a leaner physique. Honestly, no one particular diet works but the focus is more on what works for my body specifically. Like how a certain food affects your body; for example, feeling bloated or sluggish.

Key component to my training program is doing my fasted cardio regardless if Iím in off-season or prep. In the off-season I generally do 5 days of weight training with my cardio. When I start prep change to double cardio session few weeks out from the show date 5 days a week and weight train 6 days a week. The way I balance my training with my diet is by keeping my meals spaced out 2 to 3 hours apart daily.

All the hard work, determination, focus and resilience needed to even prepare for the stage gives you the confidence needed to strut on stage and show you physique because this is not a sport for the light-hearted. NOT EVERYONE can put themselves through such intense trainings, endless cardio sessions, & depleting themselves.

I know Iím proud to say I am a Nationally Qualified Womenís Physique Competitor. Awarded 13 trophies, placing in top 5 in every bodybuilding show I did in the 2016 competition season. And thus far for 2017 season winning 1st Place Womenís Physique @ 1st show of the season Lehigh Valley Championships and it doesnít stop there. Gearing up now to end 2017 with a bang! I have some at least 2 more shows In September and October and working hard to turn Pro.

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