Vania Auguste - IFBB Bikini Pro

A new IFBB Pro, 2019 NPC Junior Nationals

Before competing, I was a dancer and a stepper. I was in the step team when I was in high school and danced in a lot of school plays. When I got to college I minored in dance, mainly traditional African dance. In between classes, I would hit the gym and my ex-boyfriend at the time would encourage me to workout. He also introduced me to the bodybuilding world. After we broke, the gym became a stress relief for me, and then I set a goal to find a coach and compete in my 1st bodybuilding show.

Well during off season I eat more carbs, fats and proteins. When I start prepping, I usually eat more fats and carbs and slowly my coach would take carbs out and give me more protein. I love carbs cycling; my body respond to it very well. I can see myself loosing weight and at the same time building muscles. I don't think I've tried a competition diet that failed me before but I do know that my cards need to be very low 2 weeks out from a show. I did one time have a burger and fries the night before my show and the morning of the show I wasn't please with my condition. So now my coach and I know for sure no burger and fries at all before a show.

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??I dream it, I work hard ??I grind 'til I own it Super excited about my pro debut and extremely motivated. 12 days out lets go #chicagopro ?????????? ? Competing with the PROs wow. Dream big baby ?? never give up ???? ( dont mind the purple eyeshadow; I had my purple suit on lol) #bodybuilding #nevergiveup #npctennessee #ifbb #ifbbpro #ifbbbikini #bikinipro #bikini #muscles #sass #glutes #genetics #diet #prep #chicagopro #shortgirls #fitness #fitgirls #motivation #haitian ???? #murfreesboro

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During my off season, I love lifting a bit heavy since I have more carbs in my diet. I've tried not to lift heavy all the time because I can put on extra muscles very fast especially my quads and glutes. On the other hand, I will lift heavy the 1st 4 to 6 weeks of my prep, and for the rest of my prep I focused more on muscle connections and all the small details. I absolutely love Hitt workouts over regular cardio. I would do HIIT workout one day then switch to regular cardio; it's better on my knees and I recover fast. I meal prep every Sunday and I eat most of food at work. I have to eat meal 4 before I go train; it's a must.

I was terrified of the stage when I did my 1st bodybuilding show. I used to think that posing was whatever but now I understand that it's a performance. So every-time I walked on stage I would think of posing as my dance routine. Every details count from your walk to the hair flip, the control of your sass and your hips, the way you smile and keep your head up.

This year I've had the best experience from check-in to finals. I used to isolate myself on contest day but now I'm all about socializing and meeting new friends; it's so much more fun like that. During check-in, I like to converse with the people I know and even introducing myself to new people. During pre judging, I like to talk to the athletes backstage mainly talk about what food we are going to eat after the show. Oh and I love love to dance while waiting to go on stage; it's my own way to calm my nerves and sometimes other competitors would dance with me. At finals, I like to stay behind to get feedbacks and talk to the judges. My last show was Jr. Nationals and I had a blast making new friends, getting feedbacks and dancing backstage. Jr nationals is where I turned pro :)

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#flashbackfriday ???????? So proud of my baby abs ?????? ?? happy Friday yall Im hitting abs today ???? ?? #flashback #flashbackfriday #abs #bodybuilding #ifbbbikini #ifbb #bikinipro #bikinigirl #bikini #muscles #conditioning #pose #muscles #diet #lean #smile #nevergiveup #nashville #npctennessee #haitian ????

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Being an athlete made more determine to achieve whatever goals that I have and it gave me more structured in my life. Most importantly to always have fun and stay true to myself. I'm a French teacher and I love to tell my students about my fitness journey. Being a teacher helped me balance my fitness lifestyle with my day to day regular lifestyle. As a teacher, I need to have structure in my classroom and I have to make it fun. As an Athlete, I need discipline, perseverance, and determination to keep going.

I can't wait to start my pro debut once the Olympia points start over. I might go back to school for my masters and do a couple of photoshoots. My next goal is to win my 1st pro show.


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