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I started to compete when I stopped playing soccer. I've always been goal oriented and competitive and it was a bucket list item for me. I fell in love with the sport and I didn't want to stop after one so I kept going and doing what the judges said I needed to do.

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#transformationtuesday 2011 | May 2018 | December 2018 Putting in the work and hoping to beat this girl every time I step on stage this year. - Coached by @jennifermallo and proud member of @teammpower - #teammpowerelite #teammpower #teammpowerfit #npcbikinicompetitor #npcusachampionships #npcbikini #npc #npcbodybuilding #npcprep #npcphysique #goaldiggers #chasingpro #procardchasing #musclecontest #musclecontestusas

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Diet: Off prep I track my macros whereas on prep I like to have a meal plan. When I'm on prep the less I have to think the better. The best way that I have found to lose fat and build and retain muscle is eating in a caloric deficit and hitting my protein goals. I don't eliminate food groups but I do have food sensitivities that I avoid in order to keep my system from being inflamed.

I think I have been very blessed to have great coaches and I myself am an educated personal trainer and nutritionist so I am able to make adjustments where needed if my body is not responding. I've been very fortunate to have had successful preps, but I have reversed poorly before and learned my lesson from that.

I still get nervous when I get on stage but it's also so much fun! I think that over the course of prep if you make mini goals for yourself along the way and hit them you build your confidence in yourself throughout the process. That has been my strategy and it has worked for me so far, it also helps me stay focused on prep and makes the time go by because instead of just focusing on the competition date you can focus on meeting those micro goals.

As I progress in the sport I'm coming in with a lot more muscle than the other bikini girls in my division and will need to adjust some of my programming, but typically I lift 6 days a week and have cardio 7 days a week. I do HIIT and I also box so that my cardio doesn't get too repetitive. I balance training with diet by having my meals ready ahead of time and fueling my body with the nutrients it needs to perform at its best.

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My last two comps are polar opposites, one went super smooth and great for me and the other was the exact opposite, but I prefer to focus on the positive experience so I'll discuss that one. At athlete check-ins we are all sizing each other up, I mean if we are being honest here. I look around the room and see what I'm up against and also take the time to make friends and meet competitors from other teams. I'm always nervous at prejudging because the nerves haven't been worked out yet, but when my tan, make up, hair and suit are all on point it makes it a lot easier to feel confident going out there. Finals are fun, you really already know or have a general idea how you are placing based on what happened at prejudging so this is the time to just keep things tight and hold on to or try to improve your placing.

It's nice that my job is in training as well so I spend a large portion of my week training others, teaching fitness classes and training myself. It affects other areas of my life as well. I have two little boys that have a lot of energy so staying strong and fit makes it a lot easier to keep up with them. It affects their life as well, they know that we eat healthy foods to fuel our body, that exercise is good for us and that we have to be active every day.

I've got my eye on that pro-card and am working toward it. I am hoping to try for it in December of this year if the timing works for my family dynamic.


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