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At the age of 43, I weighed over 240 pounds, had high blood pressure, high cholesterol, was borderline diabetic and the dr wanted me to have my gallbladder removed. That was my wakeup call. I lost my first 20 pounds counting points with Weight Watchers and using Leslie Sansone Walk Away the Pounds dvds. Got into the gym with a trainer, 13 months and 80 plus pounds later I competed in my first bodybuilding competition. One time on stage and I was hooked.

Pre-contest diet progressively gets very strict as you get closer to the show. My body responds best to low carbs. Off season I eat more carbs. I have always had a coach during competition prep and my diet changes according to how my body is responding.
My training consists of lifting and cardio. I do interval training on step mill, stated treadmill cardio and elliptical. I do not do anything HIIT that requires jumping due to back issues.

I swear my traps grew an inch when I put this shirt on!!

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The stage is the hardest and the most fun at the same time. I practice my posing and routine until it is second nature and I don't have to think so hard to hit every pose then I can enjoy the moment a little.

My favorite memory from a show was in 2014. With my background of being obese, I still struggle at times with my self image, it is hard to kill the insecure girl who weighed over 240. It is easy to feel like that same person. Not good enough, too fat. I dreamed for so long about being a "bodybuilder" never seeing myself as one, just chasing the dream to be one. At the show I did in 2014, I had my picture taken with one of my team mates who was a veteran competitor, competed several times, won many shows. I remember when my daughter took the picture and came over and showed the picture to me, that was the first moment I felt like a "bodybuilder". I was one of them, I was a bodybuilder.

Being an athlete, training and dieting is my way of life, my daily schedule. I still enjoy life doing other things. I love to ride the Harley with my husband. Go camping and hunting. I will be a bodybuilder as long as I live.

I plan to compete in April and go to Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh in 2018 at the age of 53. I hope to show women that I am a great example of "It is never too late to set a new goal or dream a new dream".

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