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I ran track in my youth and transitioned into weightlifting in college. As a result of the consistency in my training efforts I'd been approached by many in the Competition world to train for a show. Upon being laid off from my then job I had free time on my hands and finally made the decision to train for my first Figure Competition in 2010. I was hooked from that point, I placed 3rd in my first show. The rest is history. Most recently I switched from Figure to Bikini after a 5 year hiatus and have simply fallen in love with the Sport all over again. My next show is in Oct of this year and the final show of the year is the following month in Nov.

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Diet: Like many after my first show I craved sugar and went into an eating frenzy. Since then, I've learned to balance and what foods work for my body and which do not. I'm 5'3 and my offseason weight is between 125-130lbs. For me the 80/20 diet works best as I incorporate healthy fats, clean carbs and protein into my meal plans. I was diagnosed with Celiacs disease in 2009, therefore, it's imperative to my training that I eat clean and consume foods that are diary and gluten free. A typical meal plan includes, white fish, ground turkey, salmon, almonds/nuts, sweet potatoes, low glycemic fruit and nut butters. My diet also includes about a gallon of water daily along with strict measurements of each food group.

I've always worked with Coaches that had to learn my body due to celiacs disease therefore a specific diet plan was never required of me. Each meal plan had to be specific as I can not consume whey protein, egg whites and other staples most competitors eat while on prep.

Building the confidence to strut on stage was tough as I'm pretty shy; but I love the training aspect of prep and sculpting my body. Personally, I had to remind myself that I worked hard to present the best package possible and to think like a winner. I believe in visualization, so at each posing session I'm imagine myself earning my pro card and showing my hard work to the judges.

I lift 4-5 times a week. I do fasted cardio 3-4 times a week (includes HIITS, intervals, stadium stairs and track running outdoors). I have one conditioning day where I perform HIITS and Interval based training (i.e TRX, Plyometrics, Box jumps etc). I do a split with my lower body as Bikini is mostly hams, glutes and quads. I have 2 leg days weekly with one day of rest

Balancing training with dieting is tough especially when calories are cut low and are at a deficit, but timing is key and supplementation.My stack includes a fat burner which I consume 45min prior to training, BCAA's and The Beverly's lean out among many other staples I consume for recovery. Each has been helpful in my body changing and leaning out with proper dieting.

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Switching from NPC to SNBF the experience was amazing. At Check-in the Promoter provided great info, drug tested me and shared insights as to what to expect prior to Prejudging. At the morning Prejudging show, I met individuals who shared my love for the sport and have become friends. At Finals, my nerves started to get the best of me, but in the end my routine was good and I brought in the best package possible. This resulted in a placing of 2nd in the Overall Bikini Division at the July 14th SNBF Atlanta Show.

The structure that being an athlete creates in my life is amazing, it permeates into each facet of my life to include business. There's a point of accountability and with it, life continues to challenge you. Each time I prep for a show there are good and not so good experiences. However, each experience strengthens my resolve to push through the hardships and trust the process. I've gained a heightened awareness of my body and what it takes to function at optimal performance to train as hard as I do. The hardest part is the time spent away from family and friends, that said I have a great support system who absolutely loves my passion for the sport of Competing.

My future plans include continuing to compete as I desire to earn my Pro Card. Placing 2nd gave me the boost I needed after a 5 year hiatus from the sport. In addition to earning my Pro Card, I'd love to become a sponsor at the various shows and Federations providing Makeup, Tanning and Beauty related services.

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