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Toni: I did my first show when I was 23. August 2003 SNBF fitness Tennessee. I wanted to compete since I was in high school late 90's. I was a cheerleader and enjoyed exercise so I was obsessed with watching Fitness on ESPN. My true overall purpose for this lifestyle was my desire to chase my dreams as a fitness model. I had graduated modeling school when I was a freshman in high school. I was a petit model the older I got I started to recognize I had muscles which gave me the motivation to start seeking how I could be discovered as a fitness model.

For the past 2.5 years I have been in constant season. I try to compete at least every 3-4 months. The difference between off season and preseason I drink less beers, eat less Doritos. For the most part I always eat clean and I really enjoy working out everyday. Plus I train several clients a day when not training myself. I would say the biggest difference the month out from a show I try to faithfully add protein shakes, my eggs, and supplements regularly. As soon as a show is over I drop all the extra nutrition steps until it is needed. I am not a calorie counter at all. I seek more fats than carbs. Not purposely I just love salmon, olive oil, asparagus. I could eat salmon all day long.

Before taking the sport seriously I was determined to get on top by eating food alone. I refused fat burners, protein shakes, supplements. I told myself they were placebo effects. So once I gave in to fueling myself properly which included staying away from distilled water my body started to feel better. Cuts were more visible, I fatigued less, and recovery was a drastic change for the better.

I use Beverly international UMP protein shakes, their black cherry glutamine which is awesome. I drink the shake 2x a day morning and night starting last month of prep. Glutamine sometimes after workout but mainly as a bottle of water before I go to bed at night. Preciously I was taking Beverly International mass amino acid pills. I did not take them as directed only one in the morning. They worked too well for me. My muscle are thicker and hypertrophy so now for this current show prep I have switched to their Lean Out supplement a pill I take 2 at a time with at least 3 meals during the day. I am trying to cut those legs down. My fat burner from the jump and still is will always be hydroxycut Max. I wish they would give me a modeling add because I can testify for me it works. And definitely helps me to cut water that I retain so easy in my stomach.

Training: My program is everywhere. I am the cardio queen. I seldom strength train but am very cut with visible muscles. I think a lot of it comes from years of not stopping. When I lift weights I typically do something that 20 reps can be performed easily. I am a stair girl. I love running stairs for a hour at a time. I am also a fitness competitor so performing any type of handstand, body hold, gymnastics, stretching, dancing that is my thing. My coaching style and training is based on unpredictability. I never go to the gym with a note pad with some order. I just go hard. I also do not rest. I put the timer on and go. If my upper body is tired I move to lower body etc. I like to hide out and train. No talking. Must have music. As far as meals I enjoy cooking fresh daily. However I may cook all meals during one cooking session. For example chicken and salmon baking in the same pan with broccoli on the side. I drink water always! Now that I am in season prep if it's been 2 hours I will eat while training my clients or while driving in the car.

The last show I did was the Arnold so athlete check in was literally about 3 hours of standing with a plain t-shirt and a few samples being put in a bag. I've been around for awhile and know how the shows are ran. So seeing familiar faces like Rick Bayardi greeting you makes things seem alright. Expeditors do a great job keeping the shows running in a timely manner. When I compete I like to spend time with myself backstage. Focus on me. In the past I would chat meet and greet but I have found that does not always leave you your most prepared. I have also witness first hand those competitors that are so nice to you. Love and peace to everyone when they portray their media side however when the doors are closed they are mean. Talking about how this girls routine sucks or being better than the next person.

I guess since I am older this type of being fake does not sit well. So apart of my strategy for my next competition is to go in it, do my best, and be there as a competitor with a journey to fulfill. I will not be there to smile and pretend I do not remember how mean some of my fellow competitors can be. Finals is very tiring. And at a National show you must be ready to be on stage for only a few seconds. It is hard walking across stage, putting in all that hard work, then when you exit someone stands there to tell you; Sorry you are not top 5. Of course the tears come and go. It is also a beautiful thing witnessing the moment when someone does become pro. My thoughts are wow I am so close.

I will be competing NPC Jr. USAs May 30 in both women's physique and fitness. I am naturally a physique look and I can not help but love fitness. So I plan to do my best with both and see what happens. I am also in the process of coverting over to becoming a NPC KY judge. I have test judged 4 times and love being in the front seat of a show. Love it!

I am a fitness professional owning my own limited liability company TONIcise, LLC since 2006. I have been competing since 2003 I am very interested in fitness modeling jobs preferably paid. I do travel. I have recently had thoughts it would be cool to be in an action movie displaying my muscles.

My cell is 606-207-0243
Mailing address: po box #25 Morehead, KY 40351
Facebook: Npc National Level Competitor Toni Wheeler

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Toni Wheeler

Toni Wheeler