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My body building career actually saved my life in many ways. It taught me discipline and love for myself that I had lost within the constraints of a very harsh young life. My late teens I spent living on the streets, where I developed a bad drinking addiction. Even though at the time I was an avid racer for marathons, I found myself many nights drunk and disorderly. I was bitter about life and being homeless for almost 2 yrs so I put a bandage on the pain by drinking.

It was until I spent a yr and a half on a couch with multiple knee surgeries that I realized how much of my life had been wasted by the bottle, so I went to AA and back to school to become a trainer. During the recovery process, mind and body, my friend suggested that I go to Team Universe to check out a body building show because he thought I had potential in the sport. My first reaction was NO WAY am I seeing men in bikinis on stage...I thought it was a stupid pageant sport. When I finally caved in, I fell in love with the whole scene and immediately went searching for a coach.

I've won every show since then (except placing 4th at team universe) and have truly found myself through the process of building my body. This sport has been life changing for me and I'm lucky to be addiction free and completely happy, attributing much of my positive attitude and confidence to my growth in the NPC. I'm able to positively influence and motivate others now and I'm very much appreciative that I'm known for exactly that, which has become my mission. People respect my underdog story and I strive to not only lead by my physical representation but by how I conquered what once was a destitute of a life.

Diet: Off season I do my own plans, which heavily revolve around a Paleo diet. I'm type O blood and after much trial and error with diets, I have found a profound difference in my performance when adhering to this lifestyle. I eat high calories but only touch processed foods on my one cheat meal a week for back day. I am whets called a foodie, so I travel to different restaurants, trying their most highly rated dishes and then post about it on social media. I only eat out though on that cheat meal, other than that I love to cook so I am adamant on using fresh and whole foods during off season.
Pre contest I find that my body works better off of more food rather than deprivation. I've a had 2 close calls from over dieting that ended with me being in the clinic getting iv fluids and nutrients to replenish my over worked system so I keep my carbs cycling and gradually lower my fats over time until about 3 weeks out where I switch that completely to go keto. If I stay on keto more than 3 weeks, my body completely shuts down to the point of severe swelling and flu like symptoms. Protein stays around 6 oz because of my muscle density and I focus on how my body looks NOT the scale. I've had coaches who completely focused on the scale

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My training has drastically changed over the years. I'm currently trying to strip down a bit of muscle (seeing that while I won my last show, the reviews said I was borderline bodybuilding in size). I'm doing more circuit training now and grouping body parts together rather than focusing on one part per day. I ALWAYS do drop sets and super sets though during prep. It's how I love to train, heavy and with intensity. There's nothing quite like training to exhaustion. I despise cardio at all costs, even though at one point I was an avid runner, because I'm stuck on a piece of equipment for a long time. So to make the most out of cardio, I do hiit in the morning and stationary at night...increasing time closer to competition but never over 1.5 hrs...you waste away too much muscle. I truly believe that too much cardio is detrimental and balancing yourself is extremely important to health.

I've been involved with performing since a young age. I've danced since I could walk (ballet, jazz, hip hop) and also did many acting skits. I have zero stage fright, in fact I'm usually the one back stage amping the other girls up! Giving them high fives and dancing to try and get everyone out of the super serious mood. The night shows are supposed to be where we have fun and I believe fully in sportsman like conduct. No matter where you place, ALWAYS congratulate the winner. My confidence in myself grew as my body did. My father isn't in my life because how detrimental he was to my self worth, constantly saying I was manly or how no one would love me looking how I do, when in fact I boast more positive and inspirational attention than negative connotations. I love the curves and unique beauty I have built because I sculpted it under my own vision. I have a tattoo on my back with a broken mirror that says beauty is in the eyes of the beholder...signifying to break stereotypes people place in this world.

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I pride myself in being a competitor that wants greatness for myself and the sport. I want to motivate others and because of that I have a pretty good following of people that travel to see me compete. At the Mets 2016, which I won, many people heard that I was doing the show in honor of a trainer from my gym who passed away from cancer. I wanted to win this show for her name since this was the last show she competed in before her death at age 38. I had over 30 people show up to see me personally compete and the tears of joy that streamed down my face when I held that trophy coming off stage were wiped by my friend and angel Manita. One of the most memorable moments in my life, especially when I was coming off the stage and the girls waiting were cheering me on after seeing my routine and hearing my story. THATS WHAT COMPETING SHOULD BE ABOUT, HEART AND COMRADERY.

Future goals: Simple and sweet. Live the life I emulate through example and god. Coming from the depths of despair to being a role model today is a matter I take very seriously and leading this sport in a positive direction, which can be somewhat subjective to the public, is what I intend to do once I get my pro card. I'm scheduled to compete at the 2016 North Americans come September 3rd 2016 and hopefully bring home a win with my coach Fahkri. From there I plan on doing motivational speaking for young and underprivileged athletes and also do charity work for the homeless. I don't care much about sponsors or money and even though I will get to the Olympia one day, I want to focus on giving back to the community first with using my professional title as a catalyst for that. I know what it's like to come from nothing and body building gave me hope to get to everything I've ever wanted. I love this sport for what it has done to me and for me, for that I'm eternally grateful for the lessons and life it has empowered me with.

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