Tina Mauer - Physique Athlete

Hi! My name is Tina Mauer Guadarrama. I'm 42 years young, a single mom of four beautiful children. I started my first adventure into Women's Physique bodybuilding following a recent divorce in 2013. A close friend and fellow Women's Figure Competitor Jacqueline Gabriella persistently persuaded me to try bodybuilding. So in November of 2013 I began training for my first show in March 2014 Governor's Cup in Sacramento. The end of February I signed on with Iron Addiction with Mike and Trish Woods the best coaches out there, took me under their wings and helped mold my physique. I placed first at the Governor's Cup and then competed at the Fresno Classic and San Jose Championship and qualified to go to nationals in Las Vegas in July of 2014 where I took fourth place and my fellow teammate Enjoli Enriquez IFBB Pro and gym buddy got her Pro card in the Bikini division that same year. We continue to help motivate one another along our journeys.

I then continued on with my pursuit of my dream to get my Procard in 2015, but unfortunately came up a little too short in Pittsburgh placing 3rd in the 35 class and 5th in the 40 class and tried my hand again in Las Vegas the next weekend, where I took third in place in the open class. I'm currently going to compete in Pittsburgh and Las Vegas again. But in high hopes of getting my Procard in Pittsburgh this year and pursuing my personal training, strength and conditioning certifications, so I can help work with youth age kids in helping them grow and strive for their own personal goals and help develop healthy lifestyles.

When it comes to getting up on stage, which is my hardest struggle/challenge I still get the jitters, but I dig down deep somewhere inside myself and think about the encouragement and support my family, boyfriend, friends and co workers give me and the special prayers my youngest daughter prays every night, that I might win my Procard this year. I then remember and reflect on the past year and all the encouragement and confidence that my coaches have provided for me to help achieve my goals and dreams. I'm usually a very shy and conservative, but competing has brought out a different side of me that gives me confidence, discipline and the strength to tackle life's trials and tribulations.

When it comes to my off season diet it continues to consist of lean meat, healthy fats and plenty of vegetables. As for myself I have to watch my carbohydrates because I'm a little more sensitive to carbs than most people. My off season for building is around 2300 calories and in season diet is around 1800 to 1700 depending how I shed the off season fluff and how I look at the time. I've had a lot of trial and error with my diet. I suffer from IBS on and off, but have been able to control it better with using pumpkin puree in the evenings or increasing the carbohydrates a little to help aid in my digestion. Dieting down for a competition is very technical and is a very sensitive balance between carbs, sodium, water and protein. Our bodies are so amazingly made.

I train 6 days a week with cardio 5 times per week in the off season and 6 days a week when in season. My cardio varies depending on the season and how much I have to do. Currently I only do 30 minutes 6 days per week, which can vary depending on how I look or if I need to lean out more than I do a little more cardio. Some of my critiques from prior show was to increase my upper body size to help be more full and symmetrical. Consistently changing your routines for example drop sets, pyramids, and pushing yourself to the max, achieves the best results. My hardest challenge is self control in balancing my diet with full time work and fixing meals for my family. I prep my food 2-5 days at a time, which helps keep me on track. Dieting is a daily challenge!

My plans for this year are to do 2 national shows. I have high hopes to shoot for my Procard and then compete in the IFBB, God willing.

Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/tina.mauerguadarrama
Email- tguadarrama@rocketmail.com

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