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I am a 38yr mum of 2, always enjoyed fitness throughout my whole life, work anywhere from 4 days/week to full time for Qld Health, as well as being a part of our wonderful Charity we have just recently just launched called the, “Julia Irving Fund” to help assist families financially who are affected by Melanoma cancers.

I enjoy challenging sports, and if anyone ever said to me, “you can’t do this or that”, I would be the first to prove them wrong to show them that you can do anything you put your mind to if you believe in yourself and have the right heart and attitude..Age is no barrier....

I want to inspire mums out there, as I often here from so many of them that once you are married and have children it’s all over. You can only have a fit looking healthy physique when you are in your 20’s. This is most definitely not true.

I also regularly am asked by so many how I fit in the time to train with work and having a family etc and the main key I tell them is that it all comes down to being consistent and organised. I prep my meals usually on a Sunday afternoon which covers me for most of the week, and often do my cardio early in the morning before work so that when it comes to my weight training in the afternoon I am only in the gym for a short hour to go home and spend the rest of my time with my family.

I have always been into fitness all my life from a young age starting off with athletics and competed at a state level up until the age of 16yrs. At the age of 16, I consistently had alot of back pain and ended up seeing a specialist in Sydney to investigate further, only to be told that I could no longer do athletics or any intense training again because if I do, at the age of the 30 I will be in a wheelchair due to the severity of the squashed discs in my lower back. For me this was hard emotionally as there was no way I could ever give up fitness after it has been a big part of my life for so many years. I had a little bit of time off, received treatment, and slowly built the strength up again and focused on getting back on that road to fulfil what I love most, keeping fit and leading a healthy lifestyle.

I made the decision to start training for my first competition a little over a year ago and competed for the first time with WBFF (World Beauty Fitness Fashion) in May this year on the Gold Coast in Bikini and Fitness, followed by my second competition in September with INBA Queensland in Bikini and Sports Model. As much as I have a competitive streak in me, getting up on that stage wasn’t about winning a trophy, although it was great receiving a call out in WBFF and in INBA, it was all about me versing me to challenge myself physically and mentally not only with training and eating habits, more so with stepping out of my comfort zone and hitting that stage to conquer the biggest challenge of all by posing on that stage in a bikini.

I was really nervous stepping out on that stage for the first time as I was definitely not someone who could pose on stage in a bikini in front of a crowd and be judged on my physique. I couldn’t even practice posing in my own gym or at home as I lacked self confidence in this area. With many posing lessons, and having the right people around me including my coach Mathew Potts @peak_conditioning_and_coaching who is so knowledgeable in this field and has been a fantastic mentor with all aspects of my training, and of course my family who supported me with my training, healthy eating habits, emotions, and so much more, this enabled me to gain the confidence to step up on stage and conquer my fear. After the first time of stepping on stage, I loved every moment of it and now look forward to hitting that stage next year again.

Main diet changes from off season to prep would be cutting calories and manipulating macros so as to reduce body fat while preserving and building muscle.
Most effective techniques would be carb depleting and reloading, forcing the body in to a state of ketosis and then gradually bringing carbs back into the diet.
Combined 4 day strength training split with cardio. Focusing on weaker areas to build and bring them up. This is done by training them more then once per week. Cardio is obviously an important component during the prep phase to increase the calorie deficit without putting the body into a catabolic state. In the off season it is scaled back to maintain body fat while increasing calories to build muscle.

Future plans at this stage is to compete again next year in INBA in May and September in Fitness and Sports Model. Possibly look at competing in a couple of other shows to.

Plan to get our charity up and running to help assist as many families as we can by donating money directly to those affected by melanoma cancers. Please help support our charity at www.juliairvingfund.org, and mostly striving to inspire and help other men and women out there to pursue their dreams, conquer there goals and believe they can do anything they set their mind to with a positive attitude and a humble heart. I believe this makes you a winner already within yourself. If I can do it, anyone can.

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