Tiffany Young - Physique Competitor

While going through a divorce I decided I need to do something for me instead of everyone else, so I decided the best cure for stress was going to the gym. They had just opened a new gym in my area called Wolfpack athletics sports and conditioning no one I knew went so I figured I wouldn't feel judged. WRONG! This was the most hardcore gym environment I had ever seen I felt ridiculous this short little nerdy girl that had never lifted real weights in her life is joining a gym full of bodybuilder types and bikini model girls, I thought about walking away but the owner talked me into trying it out 2 years later it's my second home. A few months into training I told my trainer that I would like to try to compete and it became an addiction. I had found my happy place!

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Off season I stay on a pretty clean diet plan with higher carbs and fats to bulk with cheat meals usually bi weekly. Contest prep consists of following my coach's orders to a T right now lean protein, low carb, high fats. I have tried more diets than I can really think of:
Nothing but tilapia and asparagus - just don't do it
Carb cycle- not bad but honestly can get crazy and confusing with diet brain
High protein low carb lots of veggies- works decent to maintain but not cut for me
Intermediate fasting- not for me
Lower protein medium carb and lots of veggies with post work out shake and pop tarts - best cutting plan ever!

Currently I'm lifting 6 days a week and cardio steady state 2xs a day I lift pretty heavy for the most part. I schedule my meals at 2.5/3 hour intervals carbs pre work out and pop tarts post my training usually us late in the evening due to my career and working late.

Self-confidence: I have danced since the age of 2 so that helps a lot but I still get nervous ... A small bit of red wine before any stage definitely helps the nerves though.

I plan to compete for Wonens physique this July in the Labrada Classic then August in my home town of Mobile Al at the Heart of Dixie if I qualify I will head to Miami in November.


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