Tiffany Van Dongen - Bikini Competitor

My fitness journey started when I was 16 years old. I began lifting weights, with all focus on legs and glutes. Now I am 20 years old and I grow in the bodybuilding world. My knowledge has grown, my muscles and my knowledge about nutrition.

I visited a bodybuilding competition 2 years ago and that it was so motivational and nice. From that time I was "infected" with bodybuilding. From then I started to eat like an athlete. And that gave me my body a transformation like wow. I never thought (and dreamed) that it was so important to eat clean and healthy, till I saw the results and progression. I achieved every goal I had set, so it was time for a new one: a competition. Really? Will I really do a competition? Look at those beautiful girls, can I be like them? YES I CAN!

Tiffany Van Dongen

My first prep is one year ago from now. I did the Gold's gym Classic in The Netherlands, October 2017, bikini Wellness class.

My diet was very hard, but worth it. Before cutting, my calories were about 2100-2300 35% carbs, 40% protein and 25% (healthy) fat. When I was 14 weeks out, my calories were about 1700 on training days and 1300 on rest days. I had one cheatmeal one a week. I eat 8 meals a day. Once we tried carbcycling, but that doesn't give the results we want and need. My shape looks better, by my bodyfat doesn't dropped.

I trained 5 days a week. 3 times legs, 2 times upper body (once a week backs and arms, once a week shoulders). I had to do cardio 6 times a week. A half hour fasted cardio in the morning and 50 minutes cardio after my workouts.

I told myseld that I can do this, I believed in myself, cause my self-confidence. I met someone, who did a lot of competitions, who believed in me, who told me that I am beautifull my own way and that Ill rock that stage, that day. Her words keeped my head up and I believed more in myself word by word. I stay(ed) positive. I told myself that I can do it every day. Every day I ate clean, get enough rest, did my cardio, that moments were the moment were I realised that I am strong. Strong enough to do this, but also that I am a strong person.

And then.. that day.. what a beautiful day! The check in goes fast. I took my suitcase with me backstage and lay down till it was time to get me ready. Time to do my hair and makeup, checks my tan and to do my routine for the last time before I had to do it for the judges.

When it was time to make myself ready to get on stage, I warmed myself up, and took a look into audience. The first person I saw was my dad. He saw me to and smiled to me. It gave me so much power. When it was time to get on stage, I felt me so strong and powerful. I did my thing and enjoyed every second. The judges compare me with another girl for two times, so we did know I was placed. Then it was the finals. I stand by the last three. And then I heard my name: third place for Tiffany. I can't believe I took the third place. The other girls were so beautiful and powerful. I was happy with my third place. The first place goes to a girl who really deserved it.

In the bodybuilding world you have to deal with judges from those who don't do bodybuilding. They don't understand your lifestyle or worse, they don't want to understand your lifestyle. Most of them should think you only eat chicken, rice and veggies, but my diet is and was variated. Not everyone likes girls with muscles or who do bodybuilding, but that's fine. I get my strength from them who support me. Them who do bodybuilding will help you in prep, stay next to you and wants the best for you.

It changes my whole life in positive ways. My skin looks better because I eat clean. My body transformed and I like the lifestyle.

My future plan is to do another competition this year. When I get placed I want to do another one 6 weeks later. It's the GrandPrix in The Netherlands. When I get my A-status I want to do international competitions.


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