Tiffany Servatius - IFBB Bikini Pro

* Bikini Overall Winner, New IFBB Pro, NPC Jr. Nationals 2017
June 17, 2017

Four years ago at the gym someone asked me if I compete and I had no idea what they were referring to. I went home and looked up some more information about the NPC and IFBB and became very interested. At the time I was pursuing my Masters degree, therefore I needed to give that my full attention. Two years later I graduated with my Masters degree and it was time to start a new journey. I started my research and signed up for my first NPC competition in Arizona.

Never give up. Because the moments where you want to quit are the moments you need to keep pushing. ????I can't tell you how many times I felt like giving up over these last few years. But instead I pushed harder. I refused to feel defeated. I refused to take no for an answer. If you want it, TAKE IT!! . #persistence #eliteaeathetics #nevergiveup #staymotivated #ifbbpro

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Diet and Training

Honestly my diet does not change too much between off season and prep. Off season I definitely have more carbs but as far as types of foods, I am still eating the same type of lean meats, veggies, and carbs. The most effective strategy to losing weight and building muscle is consistent eating. I set an alarm for every 2 hours to remind me to eat. I will get anywhere from 6-8 meals a day. The more frequent you eat, the faster your metabolism will become.

Failed diet: Excessive cardio. I thought leaner was better but that actually caused me to lose a lot of muscle that I worked so hard for. I have seen plans that require 45-60 minutes of cardio a day. I stick with 20 minute HIIT cardio sessions 3-4 times a week and thats it. No cardio on lower body days either (don't want to over exhaust the glutes).

My training program consists of high reps and low weight. I focus more on activation than going heavy with the weights. Training and diet go hand in hand - you cannot out train a poor diet. I make sure higher carb days are the day before glutes so my body utilizes the carbs from the day before.

Building self-confidence: BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Everyone has insecurities. I have a ton! But if you dwell on your insecurities it will only hinder your ability to shine on stage. You put in the work to get on stage, so show that crowd you are damn proud of yourself!

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On Stage

I recently competed in the NPC Junior Nationals in Chicago and the experience from day one was incredible. The check in process was extremely organized and I love the fact they give you a little goodie bag! Prejudging was nerve racking, there is so much unknown feelings leading up to stepping on stage. I had to keep telling myself to take a deep breath and relax. The hard work is over, now it's time to showcase it on stage. Going into finals I was even more nervous than prejudging. Only first place would receive their pro card. I told myself to stay in the present moment and remain positive and enjoy the entire process regardless of the outcome.

Being an athlete enriches my life. I am a working professional (HR Manager) therefore my athletic life is my getaway and stress reliever. I truly believe that my professional life and my competition life go hand in hand. I learn so many new things about myself every time I step on stage that help me be a leader in the professional world as well.

Future plans: As for right now, I want to focus on helping others get to where I am now. I am all about helping others. I might possibly do a bikini pro show at the end of the year but nothing is set in stone.

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