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An update, May 2017.

Last competition was very different from all the other ones. I have tried something different diet and training wise that I normally don't do. It was structured diff and had a diff coach with a diff approach.
The Athlete check in was fun and easy. Lots of great athletes and people to meet and see. It was very well ran and very organized. Pre-judging ran really smooth as we were first to go on so no waiting around at all. The Finals was even better as we were first on and I obtained my IFBB Pro card at The NPC Nationals event in Miami Florida. The Overall was a very very close call I must say. I think it took me a few days or months for it to even sink in that I was finally apart of the IFBB Professional Athlete and my dream had come true.

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Currently I am dieting and training for my first pro debut in Norfolk Virginia on July 8th 2017 Very excited as again I am taking a different approach to be a better version of myself. I have a different coach again and things are crazy diff. I have not really lost any weight but have extremely went down in inches It's crazy insane and diff. My goal is to come into this show bigger and just as conditioned with good symmetry and great lines. Training is back to my old ways, one body part a day with legs on a two day split. Cardio is actually apart of my program early this time. We are testing out a new structure on diet with carb cycling which is all new to me. It has a mix of everything - Protein - Carbs - Fats - Each day is different depending on how we have structured the carb cycle for the week.

This prep is very different and is draining and tiring but I think this helps me become a better athlete knowing that I have to dig deep to make this happen Believe in myself and show the world that I have what it takes to be a legacy in the bodybuilding industry This prep is very time consuming with the cardio sessions, the cooking and portioning food, Training, practicing posing and getting enough sleep If you want something bad enough you make it happen!

Being an Athlete affects my life in all positive aspects. We own a gym and a personal training company, so we are practicing what we preach. We have intense dedication at our facility and new and upcoming athletes taking the stage. We are able to pass along the knowledge and experience we know to those who are building a dream in competing and or to change their life. I love being able to help and inspire people of all ages to achieve everything they have ever wanted out of life. Being an athlete you know going in that it is a lifestyle change you need to make. Staying on track with food and training is not just the bodybuilding season but it also needs to be maintained within reason in the off season. Being an athlete has also helped me over come an eating disorder and realize that food is fuel for the body. So being an athlete saved my life. I wouldn't change a thing.

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Future Plans are to be able to compete on the Rise of Phoenix Stage In Arizona! With hopes in one day I will be the Best Female Bodybuilder in the World and Rise of Phoenix Champion. Most importantly I want to build a legacy for myself and inspire as many people as I can for the new generations to come. Show the world what Female Bodybuilding is!

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