Terri Griffiths - Physique Competitor

Follow Up Interview with Terri
April 2015

1. Terri, congratulations for winning your category at UKONE! How are you?

Terri Griffiths: Thank you and Iím very well.

2. Please share your experiences, thoughts and feelings, during the contest-

* Check In: This show was very quick and organised on check in. And we were 3rd category on so not much hanging around which makes it all the more enjoyable. I hadnít planned on doing this show, but after not placing top 3 in British finals, I decided to come and do this, so I went along by myself to see how I would do. Was clearly worth the trip!

* Prejudging: There isnít pre-judging on UKBFF shows. Its done there and then!

* Finals: I was very nervous for some reason. Probably because I was alone. But the feedback I got backstage before I went on from organisers and fellow competitors helped a lot. It was all very positive.

3. Did you predict your place?

Terri Griffiths: No, not at all. I was a doubting minnie after feeling a bit rubbish after the British Finals, I didnít know what to expect. So it really lifted my spirits.

4. What is it about your physique and presence that gave you the edge over the competition?

Terri Griffiths: I would say symmetry. In the photos my physique looked well balanced.

5. With each contest you enter, does preparing to compete become easier or harder? Why yes or not?

Terri Griffiths: Last year I found it tough. I was over focused all year which was stressful. I was ready too early and depleted too long and lost a lot of muscle. I competited 7lbs lighter than the year before, my weight should be going up not down each year!

6. So, how do you prepare for the next show - USN BodyPower?

Terri Griffiths: This year Iím much more relaxed, sleeping better, trialling a new diet that I can live with all year as I have competitions all year, I need to be in shape all year. So I am Back Loading and carb cycling and seeing how it goes. All good so far!

7. Please address these dieting myths:

* Carbs are bad!
Absolutely not! Read the nutrition posts on my website to know that they are not. Without carbs youíll lack in energy and have small empty depleted muscles. Not a good look in this business!

* Exercise turns fat into muscle.
Fat and muscle are two totally different compounds. Everyone has skeletal muscle, you just work them to make them bigger and stronger. Everyone holds fat on there body. Internally around there organs, and on top of muscles. The body needs it to function. But too much food means it has to store somewhere, and once utilised by your muscles, brain and organs, the excess needs to store, and so it does by gaining fat.

* Low-fat is the way to go!
Full fat food everytime! Fats are so important in your diet. 0 fat food means that fat has been replaced with something, and its often sugar. And sugar is the devils food! Lol.

8. For any ladies thinking of competing in Physique or working their way up the competition ladder, do you have tips or suggestions to share?

Terri Griffiths: Make sure you have been training for a few years to build muscle in the first place. So many people start after a year of training saying they want to compete, when they havenít yet got a base to work with. Anyone can diet and see muscle come through as we all have it there anyway, but train hard, and eat clean for a good few years first, so the muscle that comes through is good quality.

9. What is a day in the life of Terri Griffiths like?

Terri Griffiths: Good lord! Too much to run through. I train 3 times a day at the moment. And am a Director of a Telecoms company and travel the country. Just yesterday I was up at 3.30am to do my cardio, shower and drive for 3 hours to Liverpool to a client, do a days work, drive back and straight to the gym at 7pm for weights session, back home to do emails, feed the cat and me (again) ..then jump on cross trainer for 30 mins before bed. Best part of the day, sitting down before bed with my muscle mousse dessert..then sleep.

10. What are your interests outside of the fitness world?

Terri Griffiths: My business, fitness and my cat and family/friends take up all my time.

11. Do you have a message for your fans you would like to share?

Terri Griffiths: Remember to Eat clean and Train mean. And cto check my new website www.terrigriffiths.co.uk for fitness and dietary advice AND come along and say hi at BodyPower Expo at NEC and support me on the Sunday competing in the USN Amateur Olympia qualifiers too. And donít forget the British Finals in October in Nottingham. Take care. xx

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