Terin Hernandez - Bikini Competitor

Bikini Class C Winner, 2019 NPC Los Angeles Grand Prix

I had my first competition in 2017, I had been wanting to compete for many years but didnít know where to begin. During my first prep my son tore his ACL again & it was very hard for me not only because heís my baby but because I am a single mother also, but I continued on & I was very happy I accomplished my goal.

I always eat pretty healthy & enjoy cooking, so just a bit more fruits & carbs & fats with random snacks or meals once in a while. My body tends to run amazingly on high fats, low carbs. Failed diet: Cycling off carbs completely, it does not do my body good.

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I love taking care of myself because I feel more confident & sexy, fitness & Health have been a part of my life for a very long time & as long as Iím working on my body Iím always confident in my own skin

I lift 4-5 days a week & hit cardio sometimes 2x a day usually when cutting in the last 2 weeks.

I am much more confident @ check ins & competing this time around than I was in the beginning, however there are always nerves involved prior to a show for me

Competing is a hobby for me, I love it, it does take a lot of your time but that time is put into working on yourself. I plan on going pro & I want to go very far in the industry :)

IG: https://www.instagram.com/terinit_up

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