Teresa Demmings - Bikini Competitor

My name is Teresa Demmings. I am a mom of three young children and work as a stylist. I've always had an interest in fitness and have been a steady gym goer for 8 years! About a year ago a man at the gym asked me if I'd ever consider competing. I was quick to answer "no" but only because I never really considered it before. I knew that it would be a great way to set a goal and lose the last 15 pounds (5 from each child) that I had accumulated over the years.

I have experience in modelling. When I was 15 I was scouted at a local restaurant and flew to Toronto to participate in The CMTC. I had lots of offers from local agencies and a few abroad as well. I worked in Italy with a photographer who shot for Intima, a local magazine. I loved modelling especially runway and being on stage! I got excited to think that I could combine my love for fitness with my previous modelling experience. That's when I starting prepping for ECC.

It was about 20 weeks out when I approached a nutritional coach for training. He taught me so much about food and cleaned up my eating habits. My diet consisted mostly of high protein, high fats and low carbs. It worked very well. I started my prep at 145 lbs and walked across the stage at 115lbs. I had also been fortunate to have a coach everyday with me at the gym to help to push me through my workouts. Before my prep my workouts at the gym were primarily cardio, once I started prep it became all about the weights. I saw immediate results. My favourite thing about my entire experience was the people. Everyone was so supportive and I made some life long friends. The only thing I never prepared myself for was the feeling I would feel being judged.

My goal was to come in top 5. I made second call outs and came in 8th. It's always hard to except criticism and feel like you let others down. It was a roller coaster of emotions for me post show. It's been four weeks since the ECC and I feel like I've grown a lot since then.

I am now considering competing again in the spring. Regardless of my decision, I will continue to stay fit and healthy and a positive, strong role model for my children.

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Teresa Demmings