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I started competing a little over two years ago after lifting for about two solid years before that. I did very well in my first competition and was immediately hooked. I love to compete and have an outlet for that competitive side of me and this was perfect.

My diet doesn't change a whole lot from off season to dieting. I follow flexible dieting and am really able to change things if I want, but I'm a creature of habit and stick to whole foods that I know my body likes and runs well on. Of course in the off season, I enjoy a free meal once or twice a week and macros are much higher to balance out hormones and fire up the metabolism. My program I follow is pretty simple, I have macros that I have to hit daily, a certain body part(s) to train and a specific amount of cardio or HIIT per day all given to me by my coach.

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I've found that the confidence to get on stage comes from within. You cannot look to others for inner confidence. You have to know that you did literally everything within your power to look amazing on show day and leave nothing behind. This is your time to showcase your hard work and be present for that.

The biggest challenge to obtaining a stage-ready physique is really the 24 hours/7 days a week dedication. This isn't something you can commit to partially. Every day, every piece of food, every workout calls for dedication to the goal you set for yourself. This is a sport requires for you to be on your game at all times, which is why I love it. Not everyone can commit to something of this nature, and I think that should be celebrated! The fatigue, soreness, lack of energy comes with the territory but is part of the process and that is what makes me proud.

I recently competed at Jr. Nationals and I love that show. It is ran so well and the competition is fierce which is what I want - to be against the best. My future plans are to compete at another National show this year, take the judges feedback and beat my previous package. Placings change show to show, judge to judge so bringing your absolute best is all you can control.

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