Tayler Claflin - Powerlifter

Author: Jonathan. L, owner - Models Observer
October 2017

1. Tell us about yourself and how long have you been powerlifting?

Iím 18 years old, about to turn 19 at the end of November. I am currently a student at the University of Utah. I have always lifted weights but I have been focused on powerlifting for 2 years now.

2. How did you get into it?

My dad used to Powerlift in high school and compete. After I had to retire my other sports from injuries, he talked me into giving it a shot. Did my first meet in October 2015 and have been hooked ever since.

Beyond glad with how today went! Had a 298 squat, 209 bench, and a 331 deadlift. I want to thank my awesome coach @davidherrera1119 for taking me on. I've learned so much from him already, he suggested I do a different bench set up and then I 209, woe ??. Next I wanna thank my sponsor @nitornutrition for supporting me along the way and giving me the best protein on the market. And last I wanna thank my family for giving me huge amounts of support and love which has helped me get this far. Pretty excited to see what I'm able to put up in September! ??

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3. What are your best lifts?

Best lifts are: 375.7 squat, 214.7 bench and 385.7 dead. About to crush all those on November 3rd.

4. How do you utilize your diet as a way to maintain your weight while increasing strength? What is your caloric intake?

As far as my nutrition goes, I loosely track my macros. I do make sure I am I taking enough protein, around 150 everyday. I taking my protein is made easy by NiTor Protein. I try to keep my carbs higher on training days compared to rest days. I try to keep my fats low, but sometimes it is hard. I maintain the weight I want while gaining strength so I do not see the need to be stricter with my nutrition.

5. Please describe your daily/weekly training. Which muscles do you target to improve lifting?

For training, I will do each main lift (squat, bench, and dead) 3 times a week. One of those times will be competition style lifting. The other 2 times will be a variation of the lift for an overload effect. For example, I will use the slingshot for bench, or do block pulls for deadlift, or wraps for squat. Then I do accessories to target my weaknesses within my lifts. My accessories will change depending on what my weaknesses are during that time period.

6. How do you monitor your strength building process in squat, bench and deadlift?

Ever since I started lifting, my dad has kept a spreadsheet showing all my numbers. We continue to do so. My coach also has me use a program where I input my data after each training session, which keeps track of my improvements as well.

7. Which lift is easier for you, and why?

I would say my easiest lift is squat. I used to be a gymnast so I have always had amazing lower body strength. I have had a few people tell me I was born to squat, which shows in my squat numbers inclining faster than my dead lift. Bench is definitely a close second.

8. Tell us about some of your most memorable moments in powerlifting so far.

One of my most memorable moments of powerlifting so far was Heath Evens approached me last year at Nationals to congratulate me on my performance and say he was impressed. But of course, I have a lot of smaller moments which I will always hold close to my heart that I share with my family and gym friends. Another special moment, probably at the top of the list, would be sharing the platform with both my brother and father at WPC Worlds this year. Definitely a lot of laughs and smiles I will always remember.

Deadlifts are feeling a TON better and are slowly climbing up thanks to my awesome coach @davidherrera1119 295 for 3 sets of 2, without pain or tightness! And some more good news: @nitornutrition will be doing Facebook Live every Thursday @ 7pm featuring David Sherwood answering all your protein, nutrition, and fitness questions. Don't miss out of this great opportunity! Last, you can still use my code "Tayler" @damageplanathletics website to get 10% of their awesome clothing. Remember: wearing Damage Plan's clothes will add 50+ pounds onto your total. ?? #Nitor #damageplanathletics #deadlift #girlswhopowerlift #sumoisntcheating #powerlifting #girlswholift #thickthighgang #peachgang

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9. How do you successfully grow your mental strength in addition to physical strength?

Failure is the best way, in my opinion, to build mental strength. I like to test and push myself beyond limits, and with that, comes failure. Dealing with the failure makes me stronger and better than the person I was yesterday. Along with that, I always remind myself that I am only competing against the person I was yesterday, and nothing motivates me more than that.

10. What do you like doing away from powerlifting?

Powerlifting and school takes up a lot of my time, but I love being around my family during any of the time I have off. I love to go camping, four-wheeling, or just hanging out. Iím happy wherever my family is!

11. What is your favorite motto/quote in life?

My favorite quote right now is probably: ďEliminate what doesnít help you evolve.Ē After I found the quote, and started living by it, I discover life to be better and more enjoyable in all aspects.

12. Future goals?

My future goals include graduating college. I am working on completing classes to become a strength and conditioning coach! I want to be able to help others with their fitness goals just like my coaches have done for me.

Contact info:
IG: https://www.instagram.com/the.prodigy18
email: taclaflin@gmail.comĢ

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