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I started out just trying to get back into a healthy routine and drop a few lbs Iíd gained (full time student, full time mom, full time job). Once I dropped the weight about 42lbs! I needed a new goal. I would never ever wear a bikini around and feel confident! I went with the craziest and scariest thing...picked a competition and started prep. I now love it and have just competed my fourth show.

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My diet food wise stays fairly consistent. The portions are what changes the most. I follow set measurement and weigh everything. Making the most of every meal and manipulating water. Of course on off season I have a few treats here and there! In my last prep my coach and I played around with higher carbs and lower fat, which my body didnít respond as well as we wanted so we then did a low carb higher fat and found our happy place! As far as training, we pushed HARD, no aspect of training was wasted and every single rep counted!

My confidence slowly built with every single training day. Nerves and anxiety were always there a little, but knowing that I was pushing past my comfort zone and focusing my energy on this goal made me feel great. I never would consider myself as good of an athlete as the other well conditioned competitors at first.

My training consists of lifting/cardio/diet. In my last prep we started out with HIIT but transitioned to HISS. We utilize my higher carb meals as my pre/post training fuel. Monitoring conditioning throughout prep we made slight adjustments to maximize my prep.

My last competition was my favourite. It was a very well organized show with pre judging and finals at the same time! The athletes meeting and check ins was informative and very important to be a part of to ensure all competitors understood the process. Prejudging and finals were quick, smooth and fun! The judges critique was fantastic too, highly recommend for those looking to improve and compete again.

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Changes from prep to prep will obviously occur with consistency and proper guidance. There is about four months between these pics, and some people may see physical differences, while others will critique the improvements needed. Sooo many people ask me why I do compete, what could be fun about it and what do you get out of it other than not eating good food and being tired. My answer: I started to get my health back in check about 2 years ago, that led to competing after meeting my initial goal. This for me isnít JUST working out and stepping on stage. Training is something that is therapeutic for me, training is something that allows me to push my limits and break my records. Key word being MY. While prep is extreme and not maintainable as a lifestyle, there is an ability to find balance. During each prep, you go through the ďI donít know if I am meant for this sport, or I donít know if Iím strong enoughĒ Well, guess what I am, I am because I want to be and because I can. Two years isnít a long time, but Iíve accomplished some pretty amazing things. Though training didnít pave the path to those successes, it indirectly did. I am more confident, I go into situations with more certainty, I am comfortable in my skin and PROUD as fuck of myself. Those are things that some people donít get to experience. The final package that goes on stage signifies that consistency, accountability, patience, hard work, dedication, and passion go along way. Iím going into my last show this weekend feeling fab-fucking-tastic about myself, my physique, and every ounce of sweat and grit that got me hear! I am so looking forward to entering into the next chapter of growing myself more annnnddd my booty?????? #mythoughts #hardwork #notforeverybody #lovethissport #noexcuses #determined #motivated #driven #goals #hammerfitness #teamhammer #lifestyle #accountable #blessed #consistency #selflove #happyplace #confidence #cpa #canfitpro #naturals #letsdothis #pose #sweat #eat #repeat #doyou #loveyou #bestme #foodforthought

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Prep not only effects my daily routine but also my family. I tried my best to do my training/cardio very early/late when my family was sleeping. This worked well, but the other social aspects are tricky. I donít mind eating out of Tupperware, I donít mind weighing and measuring and eating specific diet plan BUT itís not so easy for my family. We couldnít just ďgo grab a meal on a patioĒ in the summer etc. Prep is the time to dig in and follow the plan, execute it to the best of your ability!

My future plans are to enjoy this off season, enjoy growing, and building more muscle. I truly enjoy training and watching my body transform. I will be in a log off season for me and my family, but look forward to hitting the pro qualifier stage!!

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