Tara Brandt - Physique Competitor

Tara: I have always been an active competitive person. I played sports my entire life. I became a 1st degree black belt by six. I made varsity my freshman year in softball, my sophomore year in field hockey, and became varsity cheer captain. I began training with weights around sixteen and fell in love. I set my sights on competing in the NPC. I did my first show in 2011, where I won 1st place middleweight FBB in the East Coast Classic, 1st place middleweight FBB in Maryland state, and overall FBB in Maryland. After that I switched to physique and did my first show in 2012 where I placed 5th at the Jay Cutler Classic. I then did the North Americans where I placed 12th in open class. I took some time off from competing and came back to compete again in WPD in 2014 at the Philadelphia Championships Tracey Greenwood Classic where I took 1st place. I then did The Universe, where I took 1st place in open class C WPD & earned my Pro Card!

Lisa Aukland is my prep coach, I feel that she has helped me reach my best conditioning yet. My contest diet is generally high protein, moderate carb, and low fat. I eat six meals a day. I feel like this set up has worked best for me. Offseason I try to keep majority of my diet clean, but I’m a sucker for good food so I do have cheat meals. I make sure to still have protein with every meal, and I have a few low carb meals, but I don’t stress too much about it.

Tara Brandt

Tara Brandt

I have tried carb cycling and Keto diets before as suggested by previous coaches. I didn’t care much for either, especially Keto. I really feel like our bodies don’t respond well to extremes, they don’t like to be “shocked” or “tricked”. Everything in moderation is an excellent rule of thumb! (Except during contest prep when you can’t quite have “everything”). Balance is key!

As far as supplements go I have a few basics I stick with which include: protein powder, a multi vitamin and a multi mineral, glutamine, creatine, BCAA’s, ZMA, L-Carnitine, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and a pre workout. I use these on and off season.

I generally train one body part per day. My split is usually something like:
Day 1: Legs with quad focus, Day 2: Chest, Day 3: Delts, Day 4: rest, Day 5: Legs with ham and glute focus, Day 6: Back, Day 7: arms, Day 8: Rest, then repeat!

I like to utilize super sets and drop sets a lot especially while training for a show. I train heavy within a 10-15 rep range. I try to do cardio three to four days a week off season, pre contest I do it 5 to seven days per week twice a day.

I am currently enjoying an offseason as I look into future shows. It will be my first time competing as a Pro so I want to make sure I bring my best! I’m waiting to see the 2015 IFBB schedule to figure out when I will make my pro debut!

I can be contacted for personal training and or modeling at
Facebook: www.facebook.com/TaraSuzanneBrandt

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