T Moriarty - Female Arm Wrestler

T Moriarty Interview
August 2016

1. Hi T Moriarty, How long have you been arm-wrestling for and what made you want to pursue this?

It will be a year in October since my first arm wrestling tournament. How I got started is kind of a funny story. A friend of mine showed me a few videos of her mom competing in a few different tournaments. Me being me, and letting my ego get the best of me, I challenged her mom (Deb Banaian, who is currently 4th in the world) to a pull. As strong as I thought I was, I didn't stand a chance. Since that match one of my goals has been to beat Deb in a tournament!

2. What does your weekly training routine look like for arm wrestling on average? What exercises are you doing to increase your forearm mass?

My training is different every week. I try to make it to the gym at least 5 days a week. Sometime less if I do a two a day and hit the gym with Deb or a friend. Practice wise, we have a weekly team practice in Massachusetts every Thursday for a few hours, both men and women, also, I ask friends to pull with me all the time! Forearm strength is so important in arm wrestling. Two things that have really been working for me are fat gripz and a simple hand gripper. I incorporate the fat gripz into my lifting routine every few days. While the basic hand gripper stays in my car. I try to do at least 200 each arm every time I get in my car!

Diet: My diet changes all the time. If it's a few weeks before a tournament I will eat less to cut calories and make sure I make weight. But typically I eat a ton of chicken, steak and rice, veggies and fruit. One of my favorite meals how ever is two eggs over easy, bacon an hash brown! Yum!

3. How do you warm up before going onstage?

I'm a little superstitious so I do the same things every tournament, for me music is key. I have a select few songs that I always listen to before I compete. Plus I drink a Monster Energy drink. The only thing that changes is the flavor of the Monster drink (depending on how well my last tournament went).

4. What are some very common arm-wrestling myths?

One of the biggest myths that I know is that arm wrestling is just for men..... FALSE!!!! There are a ton of VERY talented ladies out there! I'm lucky enough to call a few my teammates! I have seen two of the women I train with beat guys!

Arm Wrestling Workshop with Deb.

5. How do you use the strength of your shoulders and lats to aid you in an arm wrestling match?

My lat muscles are my strong point. When I pull properly I can use them for leverage to bring my opponents arm down.

6. In your personal opinion, who do you feel are your 3 toughest opponents? What are their techniques?

My three toughest opponents would be first myself, like most, I sometimes get in my own head and psych myself out. Which 99% of the times ends with me having a bad pull. The other two would be Deb Banaian. She is one of the strongest women I have ever met. Her stamina is like no other. She just wears you out then pulls you down!! Third would be Val Beach. No one has a first hit like hers! The first time I pulled against her in a tournament, the match was over before I knew it had even started. I have such respect and admiration for both of these women. Both have done amazing things for the sport of arm wrestling!

7. What are some of the best ways to prevent arm wrestling pains (elbow/bicep/shoulder) as much as possible?

Warming up and practicing! There really aren't any exercises that target the little muscles by your elbow that are key in arm wrestling. Always warm up by stretching before you pull. The best thing is to practice and listen to your body if it's sore.

8. How do you motivate yourself?

I motivated myself through music. A good song can always get me going!

T Moriarty arm wrestles

9. How do you balance your time between work and competing?

I'm lucky enough to work in a school and have weekends off. All of the tournaments that I have competed in so far have taken place on the weekends.

10. What are your favorite things to do in your spare time?

When I'm not at work or the gym you can find me on my friends boat, playing lawn games such as (can jam or croquet) or relaxing with good company! I can't forget sneaker shopping. I LOVE sneakers! haha

11. Future plans?

I would love to make team USA and represent our country at Worlds!

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