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About me: At just 16 years old, I made participating in a bikini competition my ultimate fitness goal. I had been lifting for about 6 months when I discovered the NPC. I saw competitors on instagram and marveled at how they were able to sculpt their bodies into something I had never seen before. Being from a small town in Connecticut, I knew of no one who competed, but I was determined to reach my goal. After finding out 16 years old was old enough to enter a show, I called around, found myself a coach, and thatís when my real journey began.

Diet and Training

The foods I eat during off season and contest prep are almost the same, but what changes is portion sizes. During a bulking and dieting phase my diet consists of 75% whole, clean foods and 25% Ďfuní foods. Because I follow flexible dieting, I am able to fit in foods that others would normally call unhealthy. I follow flexible dieting because it gives me freedom and more sustainability due to the variety of foods I am able to eat. Through trial and error, I have found that a high carb, moderate protein, moderate fat diet works best for me.

Effective and not so effective diets: Although I have gotten results from multiple types of diets, some have more enjoyable than others. Before I found flexible dieting, I followed a meal plan designed for me by my previous coach. I found myself getting burnt out by eating chicken, broccoli and sweet potato for nearly 6 meals a day. I found myself not enjoying food anymore and I found myself hungry from not being able to eat high volume foods and a variety of nutrients.

My training program consists of lifting 6 days a week with my split being the following: Quads/glutes/calves, Back/Biís, Glutes/Hamstrings, Shoulders/triceps. I have been creating my own program since the first time I touched a dumbbell. During my off season I take cardio out completely, but when I am prepping I slowly add cardio into my regimen. I track my cardio by calorie burn to be as accurate as possible and I typically split up my sessions into 30min a day until I have completed my calorie burn goal for the week.

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On Stage

I found my self-confidence to get on stage through being able to recognize the progress I have made throughout my fitness journey. Being only 16, I wanted to inspire young people who were following my journey to the stage. Prepping for a show was the hardest thing I had ever done and I was more than ready to show off the physique I had built. Seeing my family in the crowd supporting me made me that much more excited to make them proud. After dreaming of walking on stage for months, I was ready to walk across the stage and perform my posing routine I had worked so hard to master.

My experience from my first show was nothing but positive. I remember talking to a man taking my height at the athlete check in and when he realized my age he was in disbelief! As soon as I got settled back stage, I felt such a warm and supporting feeling from everyone around me. There is no better feeling than being surrounded by like minded people who have a similar passion to you. Leading up to prejudging, I was nervous, but the nerves really hit me when I realized I was going on stage first. The whole day I doubted myself until I had gotten first call outs in all three of my classes. I got off stage and instantly cried, because the hardest venture of my life had paid off. At finals, I was even more in shock to be awarded first place in two of my classes, and 2nd in the third class. I had proven that even though I was the youngest competitor, I could still hold my own.

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Future plans: Currently, I am prepping for my first national show: NPC Universe in New Jersey. I have found a new coach and I have embarked on a 16 week prep in hopes of coming into the show leaner than I did last year. I am also studying for my NASM certification while being a high school senior and working as a personal trainer. I wish to continue my career as a personal trainer while also growing my own business as an online coach. My ultimate goal in life is to help others, especially young people, that anyone can live a fit and healthy life.

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