Susan Groshek Interview

Susan Gorshek is an IFBB Fitness Pro and spreads her fitness enthusiasm through personal training. Originally from Dearborn MI, she moved to TX about 5 years ago. Her energy on stage is astonishing and she captures the audience with an extremely fit body and great fitness routines. In this interview Susan describes me how much dedication to exercise and nutrition it takes to excel as a professional fitness competitor.

Author: Jonathan.L - owner Models Observer
April 2008

* Hi Susan, how are you? Thanks for joining me!

Susan Groshek: I am doing great, thank you!

* So, what got you started in weight training?

Susan Groshek: I was always into sports growing up, but when I started college my activity level decreased and I was the typical student who gained the freshman 15lb. I noticed my poor eating habits when I went home for Christmas break and my family made comments, from that point on I joined a gym and haven't stopped since.

* 2007 was a very intensive year for you. You've doubled your fitness competitions and competed in four fitness competitions. How has your body responded to the increase in the number of fitness competitions?

Susan Groshek: Funny you mention that because I was just talking about this. No matter what level you compete at you always learn something new about your body every year. Although doing 4 shows was a great experience I learned that my body can't handle that many. By the 4th show my body stopped responding, I lost a lot of muscle and I came in too soft. I was exhausted. This year could be different since I put my body through a longer season, but I only plan on doing 2-3 shows.

* What does being a professional fitness competitor mean to you?

Susan Groshek: A professional fitness competitor means I just have a new set of goals. I plan on doing what it takes to make it to the top. My dream has always been to qualify for the Olympia and compete on the arnold stage and I won't quit until I do. I am grateful I have made it this far and hope that I can motivate others whether they are competitors or just trying to get in shape.

* How do you construct your fitness routines? Do you consider yourself a creative fitness competitor, and what different exercise routines have you tried?

Susan Groshek: I have been working with the Micaela Brigida my choregrapgher for the last 3 years. She has amazing vision and really creates a routine to fit each individual style. I always have certain skills I want in my routine and we have several discussions on what theme I will go with each year. As far as training for my routines during my weight training sessions I will work on my skills inbetween sets to help build my endurance.

* How would you describe your current level of flexibility, and how do you improve it?

Susan Groshek: Flexibilty is something you have to constantly work at. I have had a few injuries that I am trying to rehab so I have to work extra hard to improve. I stretch 3-5 days per week.

* What would you say are the skills you've developed through training with Jen Hendershot and Mike Davies?

Susan Groshek: I have been training with Mike for so long the list is endless. He is a true inspiration to me in both a business sense and what he has done for my physique. Jen is an amazing person and I hope to be able to influnce more people like she has been able to do.

* What supplements work best for you?

Susan Groshek: I have to confess I am horrible about taking supplements. For some reason I have a hard time taking them but have gotten better over the years. The suppplements that I take are Beverly International Ultra 40 and Mass, glutamine, fat burner, multi-vitamin and always take Vitamin C!

* I see you have many healthy recipes in your site. Did you make these recipes by yourself Susan? Let's say I'm coming to visit you, which of them would you recommend me to try?

Susan Groshek: I always play around with recipies so some of the ones I have on my site are family recipes that I made my own or just reseraching online and making them healthier. My favorite would have to be the protein pancakes so that is definately what I would recommend!

* How did you decide to move from Dearborn, Michigan, to Dallas, Texas? How different is Texas from Michigan?

Susan Groshek: I always wanted to move out of MI ever since I could remember. I have a low immune system and was always sick. It was so cold for over half the year it was hard to train year round. I wanted to go somewhere warm and where I knew people. At the time friends who graduated college a year before me moved to Dallas and convinced me it was the place to be and I couldn't agree more! Everything is different here, from the southern hospitality to the warm weather and I plan on staying here for a long time.

* Please tell me about your work as a Pharmaceutical Sales Recruiter for an animal health distributor. Does your work environment support you as a fitness competitor?

Susan Groshek: Well actually, recently I made the decision to get out of corporate america and expand my personal training business full time. I wasn't happy sitting behind a desk. I was always counting down the clock until I could go train my clients or myself and I got to the point where I wasn't happy. So its been about 2 months now and I am the happiest I've ever been!

* What makes you cringe, and what makes you smile?

Susan Groshek: I don't know what makes me cringe, probably. My clients are like family to me, and nothing could make me happier or smile more then when they reach there goals!

* What is your greatest fear?

Susan Groshek: My biggest fear in fitness would to get injured and not be able to compete anymore.

* In your spare time, what do you like to do for fun?

Susan Groshek: Spare time, whats that? Just kidding. Since the majority of my time is in the gym training clients or myself I try and spend my spare time with friends and family. I really like to travel too, so I go on several trips every year. You only live once and I want to enjoy every minute.

* Who is your ideal man? Ideal man?

Susan Groshek: That's a tough question....I guess I would have to say someone who understands the dedication that competing takes since its such a huge part of my life. He has to believe in god and be a man of faith and treat everyone is my life with respect. I want us to be best friends and do anything for each other no questions asked.

* What's on the horizon?

Susan Groshek: My plans are to expand my business and start fitness camps to reach more people achieve there goals. As far as competing this year, I start out with the Houston Pro and then the Europa. Hopefully I will qualify and have my third show be the Olympia. I am very excited this year, I have a lot of new skills I'm working on and a new theme that I think everyone will enjoy.

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