Summer Lisk - Figure Competitor

I had just gotten into weight training 4 years ago and a friend suggested I do a competition. Of course it was something I NEVER thought I would or could do. I guess it took somebody else believing in me to make me realize it, too!

Diet off season vs. pre contest: Not a lot changes. I eat the same things, just less of it during prep and I remove the cheat meal every week. High protein and high fat is what works for me and my body. I only lift 4 days a week for an hour, that's IT. No cardio at all!!!! I stay pretty lean off season so when it comes times to prep, I don't have to kill myself!!

Building self-confidence: This took years. I battled an eating disorder in my 20's for 10 years, I had very low self esteem and no confidence. I think once I started weight training and seeing what my body was capable of, I began to find myself. Overcoming an eating disorder has made me proud and I'm happy to show off overcoming an awful disease. Now, I OWN my story and I OWN that stage when I'm on it! I'm proud of who I've become because I fought like hell to become her.

Sunner Lisk

I just competed 3 weeks ago and it was only my 3rd competition, my first one competing in the NPC and I felt confident, strong and my body was so different than last time. I finished first in my class!

Life as an athlete: I have 3 children, 14 year old daughter and 12 year old twins. My kids drive me to be the best ME I can be, I want to set an example for them that they can be or do anything they set their minds to. They watch me train, they watch my food choices and they see sacrifice but in the off season, they also see a fun mom that eats ice cream with them. I want them to see BALANCE!!! The toughest moments of being an athlete are the planning and prepping of your foods. The having to take your foods everywhere you go, including your kids activities and being THAT mom on the bleachers with her eggs and the kids looking at you like "really? that SMELL". It's staying home on the weekends instead of going out with friends. It's sitting at holiday family dinners with your "prepped meals". It's planning everything else around your own workouts. It's going to bed at 9 pm instead of staying up later with your husband to watch a movie. It's setting your alarm even on the weekends so you don't miss that first meal. It's watching your kids eat ice cream instead of enjoying it WITH them. It's family pizza night but without mom because she's eating her fish. It's the irritability toward the end of prep, the mood swings, the forgetfulness. It's a shit ton of focus, dedication, commitment.
But I wouldn't trade any of it. I've loved every part of the process, especially the part where my kids never see me give up and then see what I bring to the stage.

I'm going to keep grinding in the gym, I'd like to gain 3-4 more lbs of muscle and keep being the best ME I can be! I'm also a personal trainer and my goal is to help more and more women know their worth and find the beauty they have within!!!

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