Stephanie Rofkahr - Bikini Competitor

I decided to start competing because I love to challenge myself and I want to be a well rounded Personal trainer and Nutrition Coach! You can't guide your clients through weight loss (I've been there) gaining muscle or getting the best bikini body if you have not been there yourself!

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??SURPRISE?? 5 was my number and I placed Top 5 in all my categories and two 3rd places! . . . . I came into Oklahoma today and I couldnít be happier with my FIRST ever NPC bikini show! And I apologize to all my family, friends and clients for keeping everything a secret! Iíll explain more tomorrow but right now Iím going to eat ALL THE THINGS!

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During Competition Prep my meals are at home and I very rarely eat out at restaurants. You do not know what the restaurant is using to cook your meals in and though I preach a Lifestyle to my clients, those of us who compete know that you have to give up some things to look your best on stage!

Competing is definitely not for the weak and there is a lot of sacrifice that you have to be willing to give up, as well as your significant other! I was very nervous for my first show because I did not know what to expect but the nerves didn't hit me until walking right on stage! I honestly could not of asked for a better first show with NPC Oklahoma! I wasn't down for makeup but the director was amazing and got me all set up! I never even touched up my lipstick because the makeup artist did such an amazing job! The contestants were so helpful backstage and I really have nothing to say but good things! It went so well that I can't wait to get back on stage and I'm competing again in September! I wanted to do a big local show near my hometown in July but with having a family vacation planned and with the judges feedback on what I needed to work on; the show was just too soon! I needed to take the time to work on some areas! I have been hitting the gym harder than ever and keeping my Nutrition on point!


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