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I began my fitness journey back in 2012. I wanted to step it up, as we were going on a family reunion in the Summer of 2013. I hired a personal trainer, Jamey Mixson, January, 2013. I only wanted to lose 10 lbs. by July to get to my goal weight. I hit my goal weight in May. I kept pushing forward with personal training and doing group fitness classes. He had suggested that I should look into competing. I kind of blew it off, and became a group fitness instructor. In the late Summer of 2014, I decided to research competing. I found a competition coach, Chuck Mauceri, and decided to join his team and compete. My goal was May, 2015. I had never lifted weights on a daily basis and I ate clean, but he gave me a workout plan and a diet to follow. I competed in 2 shows in May 2015 and then November of 2015. I loved it.

My competition diet is very low carbs, low fats and lots of proteins and green vegetables. I struggled at one point in my prep because while teaching group fitness, my blood sugar would drop. We altered my carb intake a bit so it wouldn't happen. That seemed to help a lot. About a month before my shows in May, my peanut butter was cut and I was pretty much eating low carbs, proteins and asparagus. My off season diet had more carbs and fats and tried upping my protein intake. I struggle with eating so much, as I like to keep my weight within 10 lbs. of my stage weight. I took 2016 off as I had a lot going but continued to try and build muscle. I cut back my cardio so I wouldn't burn through muscle. I'm almost 48, so it takes me longer to put on muscle. I am now prepping for another show in 2017. Again, my carbs and fats are low but higher protein. I am pretty much eating egg whites, 2 egg yolks a day, tilapia, chicken, spinach and asparagus.

It took a lot for me to be able to confidentially take the stage. I'm a Mom of 3 teenage boys, so that was hard for them to accept. I had to tune out a lot of negative comments from other mothers, close friends and some family, but had positive support from my teammates, coach, trainer and other friends. I practiced walking in my bikini and heels and worked on my posing endlessly. I would tell myself, "You have worked super hard for this and you deserve to show off all your hard work." That attitude made it easier to get on the stage confidentially.

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I lift 4-5 times a week. I try and do legs and glutes twice a week along with shoulders twice a week. I do about 3-4 hours of cardio, whether it be a group fitness class, hiit or the stairmaster or intervals on the treadmill. When the weather is nice, I like to go to the local high school and workout on the football field and the bleachers. I love flipping heavy tires. My upper body workouts are my favorites. I don't really have a problem with balancing my diet and exercise. I keep in mind that my diet is fuel for my body. I look forward to my "cheat meals" when prepping though. In my off season, I still tend to stick to a 90% clean diet, but if I want to snack on some chocolate or some other goody, I will in moderation. I find I feel my best when I eat clean.

I have had nothing but wonderful experiences doing the 3 NPC shows that I did. I have met some super people along the way. I've never had a problem with how any of the shows were ran, etc. Everyone has been really nice. I contacted the judge after my second show to find out what I can improve on, just to get feedback. The only thing I wasn't happy about hearing back was that I came in too lean and too vascular (bikini division). I'm naturally vascular so don't know how to change that. I've discussed the feedback with my coach, and we will go from there. I also realized at my second show, which was a bigger show, I cannot compete in the open division, as I am almost 48 and can't compete with the 20 year olds. My body just isn't that tight or my glutes aren't where they should be. I have come on the body building scene later in life, so I have to work harder to gain muscle. I wouldn't change anything I've done at all. I love the lifestyle. I am excited to compete in 2017, and see the changes I've made. This lifestyle isn't for every one and I get that, but for me, it keeps me focused on a goal and keeps me living a healthy lifestyle.


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