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Steph: I worked at GNC for 3 years starting at age 17 and seen many competitors shop there and talk about their competitions, their prep, supplements, food, etc. I was very interested and I really wanted to compete myself the full 3 years I worked there. I was training hard, but I knew I never had enough muscle yet at the time to compete - I didn't want to do bikini, I at least wanted to start with Figure.

I met my fiance when I was 19 working at GNC, he competed the year prior and wanted to do it again. We started training together when we became a couple and he really taught me how to train extremely hard. I began putting on a lot of muscle and did my first Figure show in 2012 placing 3rd in my class. Instantly I was hooked - I loved the sport and I couldn't wait to put on more muscle and do it again! I added a lot more muscle that year and competed again in 2013 in Women's Physique placing first in my class as well as Overall.

I follow a flexible approach to dieting. My fiance is actually my coach and gives me my macros and cardio each day depending on what I am training. When I am in off season I definitely have more days off macros than on macros - I certainly do not stay stage lean year round and am completely ok with that. I think people should be happy with their bodies at every stage, stage lean and off season with a bit of "fluff" as they say. We both used to eat pretty "bro", especially when prepping for a show - we only allowed ourselves vegetables that were green for some reason - not sure why - but that's what everyone around here did and they still do. We've learned a lot since competing in 2012 and John does a phenomenal job coaching me. He manages to keep my macros fairly high and cardio fairly low for the majority of my preps - although there are periods of time when macros are lower and cardio is higher but for the majority my preps are fairly comfortable and I still successfully get shredded lol John is a great coach and I follow everything to a T.

Failed diet: Eliminating so many foods from my diet before just left me binge eating over and over when I was done shows. Now I do not feel the need to binge because I can eat what I want, now of course the majority of my foods are whole foods for satiety and energy purposes. But if I have a lot of macros left and not much of an appetite I will incorporate some fun foods.

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I train the same year round. I love it, I cannot be away from the gym for a long period of time or I'd lose my mind. It keeps me centered, it is an incredible stress management tool, and I love building muscle and getting leaner so I love putting my body through uncomfortable workouts/cardio sessions because I know it brings me more and more results.
Right now I am doing a split of upper/lower/rest/back&shoulders/legs/chest&arms. I do cardio every day on the stair master which I find gets my heart rate up easily. I send John my photos and weigh in each morning (I'm up before him) and then he texts me back with my macros and cardio for the day.

I feel like I've had confidence for a long time. I was bullied in school, all the girls in grades ahead of me hated me. I dressed in blouses and nice shoes and dress pants in elementary school while everyone else wore the same kind of sneakers, sweat pants and t-shirts. I stuck out like a sore thumb, but from the bullying I felt as if it made me special in a way - how could one girl be noticed so much that every female older than her had to hate her? I thought it was fabulous LOL. I began competing in Public Speaking competitions at age 10 and displayed my confidence through that - I took first place every year up until grade 10 when I stopped as my school didn't offer it anymore. This made me very competitive, I loved displaying my confidence and I loved winning.

My last competition, I was the only competitor in both Figure and Women's Physique. So I was pretty bummed that I put in so much work just to automatically get 1st place. But I still displayed my confidence, had fun, smiled, and nailed my posing routine for Women's Physique. I start to get a little nervous right before I walk on stage, but I try to just look straight ahead of me, not talk to anyone, zone out, and take deep breaths. This meditative technique has helped me in every competition so far.

I am currently in prep for CBBF Natural Nationals (International Events Qualifier) where my main focus is winning my pro card. I am 5 weeks out as of this coming Saturday (May 21), John says I am in a really good spot for this far out leanness wise and muscle retention wise as well. I have brought up my legs a lot in the last year which were my weakest body part. I feel really confident with the package I'll be bringing to the National stage come June 25th in Moncton. Eyes on the pro card!!

8 weeks out curls

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