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I had always been active and a frequent gym goer, however my sport of choice use to be distance running. It wasn't until recovery from my sons c-section that my focus shifted more to heavy weight training as running gave me discomfort for a few months after. The weight room then became my refuge from daily stressors (balancing motherhood and a demanding career) and my passion ignited. The physique that resulted eventually lead to competing.

Teir 1 morning show complete in this dazzling teal @sarahmariebikini suit. We brought home 1st in class ?? and 1st overall ?? in #wellnessfitness @albertabodybuildingassoc . A quick nap and bikini change and me and team @fullforcefitnesscanada are back to attack teir 2 tonight.

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My diet on and off season is pretty similar and follow clean IIFYM. I eat the same foods, just more of it! Off season is more intuitive eating, 80% clean, and focused on getting enough micro and macro nutrients to fuel optimal gym performance. I always eat 5-7 meals per day, upwards of 3000 calories offseason (I calorie cycle so some days higher and some days less) and only go as low as 1400 calories during prep.

In my younger years I think I've tried every fad diet! None of them are maintainable or effective long term. Marco tracking is definitely the best, but it take trial and error to find your individual 'sweet spot'. I've also played with keto and had great success and experience (ohh the mental clarity!).

Self-confidence: I'm still working on that... lol! The stage always gets to my nerves, so I try to relax and get pumped up with music before hand. I also like bonding with my competitors back stage. It really helps set me at ease knowing we're all in the same place and sharing a few laughs.

I periodize training from heavy to high volume. I don't touch cardio in the offseason and save that only for cutting. My diet will revolve around my focused growth areas, so higher calories when on those training days.

I had a fabulous experience at my last show. The most memorable moment was when they were about to announce the overall winner and every judge was looking at me smiling. It was surreal.

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I try my best to lead a relatively normal life, sacrifices and compromises have to be made. Wine nights with my girlfriends go on hold but I will still go and drink soda water and eat my prepped meal at a BBQ or restaurant. I even still lead the product development taste test panel, but just chew and spit when in prep haha! I'm very fortunate to have friends and family that support my lifestyle so it makes it easy. My boyfriend is also a competitor so he helps out A LOT and understands when it's my hunger talking ;)

I have several shows lined up this summer; CPA Edmonton, CBBF Nationals, and CPA Natural shows. Then taking a break to make improvements for next season!


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