Staci Strickland - Bikini Competitor

2018 Louisiana State Overall Bikini Champion
2X Novice & 2X Open Bikini Champ

I was interested for quite some time and after I had my second baby I need to lose about 15lbs of baby weight. I contacted Kash Guidry and we started a 13week prep which led to me doing my first show and winning the overall and winning every division at that show. It was an amazing experience.

Diet: for prep protein 50%, carbs 25%, fats 25%. For building muscle high protein/ high carb diet like over 175carbs per day!!
Prep is a process if you don't eat the carbs in the beginning you aren't going to build the muscle and come in flat. You can't cut if you don't build first. You literally can't cut food if you don't start with a high calorie intake and balanced macros, if you don't have any fats or carbs in the beginning how can you expect to cut anything in the end.

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"And one day she discovered that she was fierce, and strong and full of fire and that not even she could hold herself back because her passion burned brighter than her fears." -Mark Anthony Photo: @danrayphoto Bikini: @dollswimwear Glam: @getflawlesshair #passion #strongissexy #bodybuilding #npcbikini #miami #miaminationals2018 #blondenboujee #roadtopro #ifbb #fitchick #lean #ilovepalmtrees

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Well I've always performed in front of crowds with gymnastics and dance. On show day Rum Chatta definitely gives me the extra courage needed.

I lift until failure and work specific muscle groups in a specific pattern on certain days of the week. As the show gets closer I ease up on lifting heavy and perform higher reps and do more of HIIT Program. I believe if you aren't seeing your lines and about 10lbs from stage weight at 4wks out then you probably aren't ready for that show. I'm learning to not force shows the stage will always be there, I'm learning to live a balanced life and when my body is ready and finely tuned I will step on stage again.

My very first show was last July the LA State Championships, for checkins I was very loopy had cut water but was so ready, I was dressed in sweats and a hat and remember feeling like I looked like a cancer patient compared to all the other girls showing off their stuff in cute attire. But it was worth it because I ended up surprising them the next day and taking home all the gold!! My story about getting to cross the stage at my first show was profound, liberating and sheer joy. I remember seeing all these girls pumping up back stage and my coach was like "no pump, you just relax" I was the only one just waiting in line.

I remember before going out doing some stretches and body movements that I used to do before running the 100m in track back in the day. I remember feeling like a true athlete and thought to myself I put in the work months ago and feeling relieved that I wasn't panicking that I had run out of time. I was dialed in and on cruise control. When I got first center call outs that morning I was completely surprised and humbled and just remember saying to myself wow, all that work I put into this dream paid off, I knew I had earned that box and was overwhelmed with joy! Finals that night was amazing not many bikini girls talked to me so I just hung out backstage with the bodybuilders wanting to eat all their food lol.

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Well I never thought I would be posting a #transformationtuesday about my #glutes but here it is..... ?? . . I'm still kinda in shock comparing these two photos which are 5 months apart...I even made the one on the right smaller so no one could say it was zoomed in more. And I barely filtered them yall!! Left: 12/24/18 Right was: 05/31/19 . . . All I have to say is a lot of heavy lifting and well #carbs ?? went into building this #booty oh and I guess that mfing Stair Master. It was my first time consistently doing cardio on a real stair master. That bitch murdered me every single session but I think it might have played a role in the #gains. I'm running now so I'm sure it won't stay this size for long but wanted to share with the #gram . #jenselter I'm coming for you ????

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-for my 2nd show, it was a GBO show in Beaumont, I had aunt flow finally arrive after not having her for 2months. That wasn't fun, I was dialed in but kinda bloated. I ended up seeing the true colors of one of my teammates as she literally had unkind words to say right before we stepped on stage. She of course was not affected. I unfortunately had to quickly recover during my routine and get my head in the game. We both won our divisions in that show but our team was definitely divided.

-for my 3rd show at Miami Nats last year, I came in flat, to short of a prep, cut too much water, my ex-bodybuilder boyfriend was coaching me and it was like literally backstage I never ate so much almond butter, jelly, cinnamon rolls, and rice cakes in my life all in the matter of 30min. I also caught my first cramps on stage and that was not cool. Everything was so fast, I just remember thinking all of this for 30seconds on stage?? But then again I was the smallest I had been since I was a teenager and it was a great experience. Hoping to dial in correctly for my next national show. I recently decided I don't want just a procard….I want to win. So it's been hard to not jump in all the shows going on but waiting until my body is prepared is crucial. I get impatient with the process so every day I'm working on trusting it and letting things flow.

Comradery and being a true winner, building other people up and being truly happy for other competitors when they win. True athletes that have won and lost, tried and failed build those characters and it shows on show day in how they interact with other competitors. I think I introduced myself to several competitors and told them what an inspiration they were to me before the show started last year. I looked up to them and wasn't expecting to beat them. I just simply felt honored to share the stage with them. Some of those competitors congratulated me after my overall win and others were rude. That what separates the true athletes in my opinion.
Being an athlete, has kept me healthy, it helps me keep up with my boys and teach them healthy ways of living at an early age. It has made me more productive with my job and more outgoing because I feel very accomplished and empowered by achieving my recent goals. I find it separates me from the normal and helps me lead a life I've always dreamed of to the fullest with discipline and goals. I am excited to see where it leads to.

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#TBT #throwbackthursday to the sat before the #lastatechampionships... I actually peaked a week early for the show and had to hold it through peak week. #hamglutetiein #bikinicompetitor #statechamp #overallwinner #hardwork #dedication #1weekout #fitchick #nationalsbound #booty #glutes #legs #hammies #quads #calves

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Currently I'm taking a few weeks to decide if I will do a show this year I want to and am nationally qualified through Dec, but as of now, I am focusing on my babies and being completely present with them. I am also wanting to grow the fitness modeling aspect and try to get sponsored. I was recently honored with a request to shoot for an awesome company in LA so I will be doing that in the next few months. The Wellness division is a big possibility for me. I believe with my genetics I could possibly dominate in that category. I have big plans for 2020 and can't wait to step on stage again not just to win but to have that feeling in my heart that I gave it my all that feeling in itself is winning in my opinion.


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