Stacey Beers - UFE Fitness Pro

From 180 to Wow-
It was a change in her mindset and laser focus on her goals that helped Stacey Beers go from 180lbs to fit, healthy and amazing in just over one year. With a new found passion for training and clean eating, this mom of two has made her fitness dreams a reality. She also took her goals once step further and has competed in 5 fitness competitions and as of most recent competed at UFE World Championship in Ontario Canada where she received a silver medal placing second in Women's Fitness. She also received her pro- card in Womens Fitness Model.

Here is a look at my diet. I keep it the same with contest prep as off of contest prep:

To be honest my contest diet isn’t much different from my every day diet. If you are going to compete I say do it the healthy way. I eat every 2-3 hours and a typical day looks like this:
Pre 5 am workout- ˝ scoop Beverly international chocolate ump protein powder mixed with ˝ cup non fat plain greek yogurt.
Breakfast- Beverly International UMP protein pancakes- 1 scoop UMP protein powder, 1 egg and 3 egg whites mixed together as a pancake and topped with sugar free syrup and ˝ banana
Snack- 2 plain rice cakes with 2 tsp natural nut butter
Lunch- Quinoa and veggie stir fry with ˝ cup low fat cottage cheese side salad with olive oil and vinegar dressing
Snack- 2 scoop ump protein powder mixed with 2 tablespoons PB2 made into a thick, filling pudding with water with ˝ apple
Dinner- 6 oz salmon, with 6 oz sweet potato roasted with some coconut oil, salad greens topped with salsa
Snack- Beverly international UMP protein powder shake 1 scoop powder with ˝ cup almond milk and ice

What I have learned about contest prep is this: If you eat clean and work out as a part of your every day life. Contest prep does not need to be that much different for you. Sure you will need to tighten up your diet and say NO to the sugar and not as much fruit. You will also need to maybe switch from doing full body workouts weekly to different body parts every day to be sure you are working every body part to its fullest every week. But in general- If you eat clean and workout and this is your life style contest prep is not all that different. My food intake stayed about about 2200 calories all throughout the contest prep. Ladies it is NOT about NOT eating. It is about eating the right, clean foods and macros during the day! Isn’t that awesome! You really can eat on contest prep if you have a healthy life style from the start! Julie Lohre’s contest prep program along with following Tosca Reno's Eat clean princ's are huge for me. I always eat a protein and carb together as well as a little fat. I eat 6 meals a day and work hard to get a lot of protein.

As far as less effective diets. Looking at my first couple contest photo's. I just didn't eat. Towards the end of the prep your nerves kick in and you think I need to be skinny so you stop eating carbs and some protein. BUT truly you don't need to be skinny on stage. You need to be full. You need to look full and carb'd up on stage. So my biggest piece of advice came from my trainer. THINK BIG NOT SKINNY! Once you can wrap your mind around not eating and thinking skinny you will find your body will look better and better each comp.

The best thing I can tell you about presentation/self confidence is to just have fun with it. My goodness you have worked your TAIL off to get to that stage. There is no reason why you should not work your stuff and show off your hard earned body. Confidence is key and I say work what God gave you on that stage and HAVE FUN! That said- Practice, practice, practice. Watch video’s of the pro’s and take some of their ideas but also incorporate your own attitude into your presentation. But during the 12 weeks of contest prep I would say practice 1 hour a week. As the competitions moves closer I would do 2 hours a week. Seriously I love how I look the day of the show. My physique is in the best shape of its life. l When do you take the time and let someone do your hair and makeup and where beautiful bikini's that sparkle. The day of the comp is your day to shine. It is the day that all of your hard work and discipline gets to shine. Make the most of it and let your body and mind shine!

Cardio schedule – favorite type, number of minutes per day, days per week, anything you can think of to add that can help someone else get the most from their cardio
Cardio- During my weight loss challenge I did a lot of cardio such as running and boot camp type classes probably 30-60 minutes of cardio 6 days a week to initially lose the fat. . But once I lost the weight (in 12 weeks lost 37 lbs, 11 percent body fat and 45 inches) and realized I needed to build muscle the cardio is not near as much for me. NOW- On Tuesdays and Friday mornings I do a training for warriors class at my gym for 1 hour of cardio per day. This class involves a lot of sprinting for speed training and helps with strength, endurance and flexibility. It is just a great full body workout. I may do one other day of the stair climber for 15-20 minutes for cardio.
Training schedule – Favorite (or most effective) Training Program: You can list your whole program or just a favorite bodypart routine. Include exercises, sets and reps.

For training- I love to workout legs/glutes. I think mainly because in my over- weight years I was always so pear shaped. And my bottom half was always so large. It is fun for me to do kettle bell swings and hip thrusts and side lunges and back squats. I know that these are what have helped to transform my body from pear shaped and hippy to the body it has become today. So working out the lower half of my body is just as important today as it was when I first started to shape my body.

A good leg workout would look something like this: Do 1 set of each and go through 3 times.
Start out with 3 sets * 12 of hip thrusts with just the bar to warm up your hips/glutes
Back squats with bar as heavy as you can go 3 sets of 8
Walking lunges 40 lb dumb bells in each hand 3 sets of 12
Lift off side lunge with 40 lb dumb bells in each hand 3 sets of 8
Kettle bell swings with 60 lb kettle bell 3 sets of 10
End with loading up the sled and pushing it 35 yards to get your heart pumping

**JUST REMEMBER THOUGH--NONE OF THESE WORKOUT WORK UNLESS YOU ARE EATING CLEAN! DIET IS 80% OF THIS EQUATION. WITHOUT A HEALTHY CLEAN DIET PACKED WITH THE RIGHT RATIO OF CARBS, PROTEIN AND FAT NONE OF THE ABOVE WILL MATTER! Words to live by: “IT IS THE FOOD THAT WE EAT WHICH IS RESPONSIBLE FOR SHAPING THE VAST ARRAY OF BODY TYPES. YES THE FOOD.” (I love this because for 39 years I worked out but never got my diet in line. And where did the working out get me? Still over weight! UNTIL you get your food in line you will not see your hard work payoff. Once you get your food in line boy oh boy will the weight come off and the body shaping comes to life!)

My most recent experience was the Worlds Competition for UFE in Ontario Canada this past November 19, 2016. This was an amazing experience filled with some amazing physiques from around the world. But the best part about UFE is they drug test. So all competitors are on an even playing field. Many of us have the same weight loss story. We were over weight the majority of our life and something FINALLY clicked for us to get fit and healthy. For me I was tired of the headaches. I was tired of not being a happy mom or wife. I was tired of taking out all of my frustrations of not being able to fit into my clothes and my insecurities on co-workers or anyone that would listen. I went to the doctors and found that I was in the obese category. The next day I signed up for a 12 week body transformation challenge where I won that challenge by losing 37 lbs, 13 percent body fat and 45 inches. Since that challenge I have not turned back. I then started to compete in fitness competitions, continued to build muscle and even today am trying to change my body and up my game and build muscle. What I have found is goals are what keep me going. So every year I will try to do better, be better. I will try to inspire others to find their fitness and health. I want other adults out there to know that being over weight and unhappy in your skin does not have to be anymore. Make the decision to make the change. Get the help you need and start your journey today. If I can do can you!!!

My future plans are to build all winter and switch categories to both Physique and Figure. I have been told by judges, competitors, coaches and I have seen for myself that I am blessed to be able to build muscle relatively quickly. So I will work my tail off these next few months to use this to my advantage and work hard and eat very clean and add more protein into my diet and build. I can not wait to see what happens to my body over the next few months. With a great trainer by my side--I know we will do some great things. Having this goal will help me to get thru the hard Michigan Winter Months and help me to have something to look forward to this Spring. So as always I will be setting and achieving new fitness competitions goals and hopefully competing in 4-5 comps this Spring/Summer.


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