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A new IFBB Figure Pro, 2019 NPC Teen Collegiate & Masters National Championships

I am Croatian from Bosnia , Growing up a there I never had opportunity to do any sports but was always interested . I Came to United States age of 21 and first thing I did I signed up for a gym membership and never stopped going since then, from day one I knew that I had passion and I will never stop improving myself.

Over the years I adventured in different sport activities from running, mini triathlons, road cycling and yoga but never left the gym. I was always secretly interested in bodybuilding but was worried what people would say. About three years ago I decided it only matters what I want and I really wanted to pursue bodybuilding and see if I like it and how far I can go.

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Three years later my dreams come true!! I did itttt.......youíre looking at newest member of IFFB PRO Still trying to take it all In ??. . . #ifbbpro #finals #cyberbodyshop #npcpittsburgh #nationals#npcnationals #roadtopro #prep #improving #npcfigure #bodybuilding #npcprep #npcnewsonline #cybershop #fitnation #motivation?? #excited #competition #coaches #lovingbodybilding#lovefitness #calfitrocklin #goldsgym#mindset #selfimprovement #npcprep #improveyourself #progress #bestofme

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My first prep was 12 weeks I lost 26 pounds and 16% body fat, I stepped on the stage and placed fifth in my first show. I fell in love with it this sport immediately and after 10 successful regional shows and 4nationals in just a little over three years I got my IFBB figure pro card. My passion for this sport just got stronger!

One of the biggest part of the success in bodybuilding is nutrition. The biggest change I made since I started bodybuilding is eating more consistent meals through the day to keep my metabolism running smooth and of course eating clean. I consume about six meals a day plus a protein shake post workout .On off-season there is more carbs incorporate it in meals and also one or two cheat meals per week to boost my metabolism give me a little extra energy. And pre-contest prep I still consume six meals a day but carbs are cut down or cycled, and fats are always controlled. For me cycling carbs works the best also consuming good amount of lean protein with Green leafy vegetables each meal and some healthy fats.

I personally donít believe in dirty bulking and eating junk food it just sets you for failure, makes you crave more and a lot harder to get back on the track.

I believe in keeping myself under control staying fairly lean and not allowing my body to yo youíre too much. And yes I am human and I do have a craving now and then I try to satisfy it with the healthy food and thatís what cheat meals are for.

Stepping on the stage for first time I surprise myself I felt very natural and comfortable of course little nervous, but my excitement overcame any fear if I had any. After putting numerous hours of building my physique daily once time comes to get on the stage I feel very confident and proud of my physique and no matter what or where I place thatís my time to shine and be proud of what I have to show of course if I donít believe in myself with confidence why would judges.

My last show was Nationals in Pittsburgh itís a great show everything is well organized ,athletes check in it took no time flawless the whole experience was awesome. I had my coaches from @Cyberbodyshop backstage with me to make sure I go out ready and on the point. We had big team this year which made this experience even more special itís always fun meeting new people Sharing and learning for them also.

As I went out on the stage for my first category 50+ class C I felt very confident and comfortable with my conditioning and what I brought to the table, not knowing this was going to be one of the happiest times of my life. Stepping on stage amongst so many awesome athletes itís always exciting and honored feeling like doing it the first time. I made a first call outs front center and was never moved and I knew it right then and there I felt it and saw it on judges faces that I owned that hundred percent with my presentation and conditioning. With a great feeling as the show continued on I did my individual presentation with even more confidence my excitement grew even more I felt my presentation was flawless which my coach wonderful @WendyFortino herself confirmed. The great feeling stayed with me all day as I waited for finals and hoping that my dreams come true and I will become IFBB pro.

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Fun backstage practicing posing shots! .. . Going into the show I felt very confident , all along since I started three years ago I knew my time was going to come... and I Felt it...that this time was my time!! Whatever you are working on or your goals are keep pursuing it ,your time will come! . #ifbbpro #ifbbfigure #ifbbproleague #ifbbcompetitor #ifbbfitness #firstcallout #procard #posing #posingpresentation #thankful #prejudging #finals #cyberbodyshop #npcpittsburgh #nationals#npcnationals #roadtopro #prep #improving #npcfigure #bodybuilding #npcprep #npcnewsonline #competition #lovingbodybilding#lovefitness #calfitrocklin #goldsgym#npcprep #improveyourself

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Several hours later my dreams came to reality, at finals I got first place in 50+ class C and errand my IFBB figure pro status it was truly the most humbling and happiest moment of my life to be recognized and awarded for my hard work.

Few minutes later I was also awarded third place in 45+ class C it was such an amazing and successful day.

Being athlete definitely separates you little bit from other people, also takes a certain person to sustain this kind of sport only committed and strong ones stay with it.

For me personally I say I have some advantages I have a passion for the sport which makes a lot easier, my other advantages I am self-motivated and self driven which takes me Step further than the average person.

I tried to balance my work family and training best I can and yes socially it does separate me from others because I eat clean sometimes I am limited to certain events food related. I train usually in the mornings anywhere from 2 /3 hours depending on how much cardio I do which fluctuates. Rest of the day I am at the work Iím hairdresser I own my own salon Of course I am on my feet all day.

After work I spend a lot of time in the kitchen prepping food and tending to my family I have two boys 20 and 17-year-old which they are more independent at this age it makes it easier.

My day basically starts 5:30 AM and ends by 10:00 pm and I wouldnít have it any other way. Some people see this is as sacrifice ,for me itís a glory to see myself grow over the years and crush my goals one by one itís an awesome feeling. Iíd say for me hardest part of bodybuilding is food prepping, which is very important to stay successful itís very time consuming

And also finding time to eat six meals a day when you work full time and you stay busy all day.

Just love bodybuilding setting example inspiring and motivating people around me and most importantly improving myself on daily bases which keeps me healthy and young looking in great shape whatís there not to like about.

My message to others is no matter what age you are what shape or size you are if you want something bad enough

Anythingís possible once you put your mind to it, donít limit yourself.

My goal is to keep Competing on a professional level, my ultimate goal is to get to Olympia someday in near future. I am planning to do my first pro debate before year ends, and I feel ready to step up and take my training to this next level. I consider myself very fortunate that my health and my body can sustain this kind of sport I will continue training, pursuing my goals and dreams to see how far I can go.

I know one thing for sure when I stop pursuing bodybuilding no matter what fitness is always going to be part of my life itís simply built in me itís part of me and who I am.

Never stop dreaming!
Stay healthy and fit!
Keep crushing those goals!

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Email: spomenka.miller@sbcglobal.net

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