Soraya Proude - Bikini Competitor

Body Building and gym has always been a massive part of my life. My Dad used to body build and was the U21 Adelaide Classic winner several times in various federations. He has his own gym and we used to train together showing me the correct technique and how to perform specific exercises. The first time I hopped onto the leg press machine I was around 10 years old and was smashing out reps of up to 60 kilos.

Pretty good for someone with out a coach?? First time ever competing and placed in every category! Big thanks for passing down your body building genes big Dad?? ??Bikini Tall ??Bikini Beginner ??Bikini Junior ?Next week ICN @nabba_wff_southaustralia #wff #bikini

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In regards to my diet in all honesty it changes big time! Off season I don't care at all, or count anything at all! I eat KFC all the time, lots and lots of carbs however I am always able to stay relatively lean even if I am in an off season. During my preps I start 18 weeks out due to anxiety and the thought of not coming in lean enough, I like to have flexibility or the chance to reverse diet if need be. Currently my diet consist of 5 meals 3 hours a part, I don't count calories or macros - I just eat to how my body respond, currently the only carbs I am consuming is frozen veg, my proteins consist of chicken, kangaroo, steak, pork and salmon with my fats as ghee butter. All my diets have worked in regards to competing, due to just always being in a deficit, however from experience I am unable to consume carbs such as rice due to how I react to it and the sugar cravings I get.

Confidence is key - my personality is extremely out going I have never been nervous or scared to step on stage ever. My life has been re-shaped from being an athlete, I train twice a day one consisting of F45 session in the morning followed by weights training in the afternoon. The things I struggle with most is the diet - purely because it's so restrictive and no one understands I am unable to go out for dinners etc, my food must be carried with me everywhere I go due to frequently eating and I am consciously on edge which negatively impacts me.

The future plans for competing is to compete in WBFF and possibly win my pro card in the future.


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