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When I was in high school and started running track. This is where I found a love for fitness and how it transforms my body. I became successful in track and field with many awards to show for all the hard practice done. A few years down the road, I met my current boyfriend who also has a love for fitness. Together, we started working out at a particular gym. In 2013, this gym hosted a fitness show. I thought I would try it. It was my first amateur fitness competition. Although I didn’t do very well, the feeling I had when I was on the stage gave me an adrenaline rush which took me back to my competitive track days. I was hooked after that. Over the past 2 years, I have taken this process very seriously and have placed 1st in the NMNPC and MidUSA 2 years in a row. I also competed in the NPC National Western USA in Mesa, Arizona where I finished with 1st and 2nd place. Then I competed in the Jay Cutler Classic in Las Vegas, Nevada. There I placed 3rd. These were all memorable and inspiring moments which motivated me to keep moving forward to pursue my dream of becoming a Pro Physique athlete.

While in prep for a competition, my diet is very lean and very clean. For example, I eat lots of tilapia fish, salmon, baked chicken, brown rice, sweet potatoes, and veggies. In my off-season, my diet is still lean with lots of chicken and fish but I do allow myself to enjoy the yummy things in life. One of my favorite snacks is chips and homemade salsa. I also have a pretty big sweet tooth. I believe in my off-season I can be more liberal with my food choices while still holding to moderation and consistency. These are two elements which help you sustain a healthy, active, and lean lifestyle.

I have never used any specific diet plan. The advice, given to me by other professionals in the field, is to be really lean in eating choices when prepping for competition. I learned on my own that I should still be making lean eating choices in my off-season but to give myself a break so I do not feel too deprived in between competitions. It’s my personal reward system.

In my career of physique competitions thus far, I have had 2 coaches. Each coach had unique coaching styles and diet plans. One coach put an emphasis on eating very lean. The main items were tilapia fish and chicken. There were not a lot of fats. The result was by the time I hit the stage I was very small and flat. My next coach took a slightly different way of eating. This time I was instructed to have more fat and also one cheat meal a week. This is when I discovered I naturally build muscle fast. I noticed too many fats made me bulk up and by show time I looked great but I was not lean enough for the bikini category. I found for me it was a combination of mostly lean protein and adding in 2 to 3 fatty proteins a week such as salmon or steak. This enabled me to remain lean but full at the same time all the way up to show day. Neither coach instructed me to utilize any name brand diets to prepare for completion. So, I can safely say I have not tried a competition diet that failed me. However, I have learned it is more about taking the time to know your body and what works for you. This sometimes means changing things up through trial and error till you find your fit.

My favorite way to train is circuit training, Hiit, and full body workouts. These are the components I use in my training regimen while getting ready for competitions. I like using these components because there are so many different versions of workouts which can be put together to train different parts of the body. Full body workouts help train the body to engage all your muscles all the time. Hiit training is a really good way to burn a lot of fat while building endurance by keeping the heart rate up.

When balancing my training and diet for a competition, it may be hard at first because I do not usually eat 5 or 6 meals a day in my off-season. My usual meals are 3 or 4 per day. So transitioning into the competition diet and adding in a few more meals seems like a lot more food. However, with my goal set before me and a few weeks in plus the consistency of my training routine to burn the calories, it starts to balance out and take shape. Staying consistent with what I eat and my training regimen helps my results come out to what I want.
My confidence to strut on stage comes from having an amazing support team. My family and friends have truly overwhelmed me with all the love and encouragement needed for me to succeed. I am constantly told “You can do this”, “We believe in you”, and “You got this!” Even on challenging days, they are right there to keep me motivated to work hard to fulfill all the dreams I can’t wait to come true. In a sport like this, I truly believe having a positive surrounding and influence is essential to turning dreams into reality.

Every competition I have experienced so far has had something always happens, things which were very inconvenient. This is not good when you are carb depleted. Emotions run high and all over the place. An example of this was my competition in Mesa, Arizona. I was so nervous the night before competition. To absorb some of my restless energy I took time to do my meal prep for all the meals I would need for the next few days as I was traveling out of town and did not want to be tempted for other choices along the way. The morning of my airplane departure, my Mom came to get me so she could drop me off at the airport. As I was walking in and checking all my stuff I noticed I had forgotten all my prepped food in my mother’s car. In addition, I had forgotten my stage jewelry at my home. So many emotions took over at that point.

Thankfully, I had my amazing coach, Carol Cavino. She calmed me down and assured me things would be fine. When I got to Arizona, we went straight to the Check-ins. Seeing all the amazing athletes who were going to compete in the same show as me was a real eye opener. I thought “what kind of competition was I getting into?” I forged ahead and got new jewelry for the stage plus figured out all my food problems. Now I was more excited and focused for the competition. When the time came for me to step out on that stage I could feel I was really ready. My mind flashed back to the past 12 weeks of preparation of diet and training. Yet in spite of my nerves, I was now on stage feeling like all my hard work had paid off. I was so proud of myself. In the end, I made it out with 1st and 2nd place. Not too bad for a person who took the leap of faith and it has produced amazing results inwardly and on the outside.

I have been competing for 2 years now. I have had 4 shows. I have qualified for nationals at each one. So the next step is for me to hit the national stage and start making attempts at earning my IFBB Pro card. I am looking to get certified in nutrition and personal training. This will expand my love for fitness. In the meantime, I get asked all the time about helping others with their personal training goals. I didn’t know these experiences would happen for me. I have clients. I am also exploring the world of modeling in fashion and fitness. The physique competitions opened up many doors of possibilities for me and I want to share my journey with others and help them to reach their goals as well.

If anyone is interested, I would be glad to help you reach your training goals. I can be reached at

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